Winning the National Golf Foundation loyalty award is a big accomplishment — and Sand Creek Station has now done it 10 times. 

Sand Creek Station took home top honors in the “less than $70” green fee category

"We are very proud of our loyalty index," said manager Chris Tuohey. "For 10 consecutive years, we have never had a loyalty index percentage below 80 percent of 100. In 2017, our results were 88 percent. Looking at benchmarking against national average, we are about double."

The national average is about 44 percent. 

Tuohey praised his staff as he looks for a place to hang not only an award from the NGF, but from Kemper Sports which is the parent management company of Sand Creek Station.

"There are a lot of great golf courses out there," Tuohey said. "Truly, it takes people to make a golf course truly special."

The course is owned by the City of Newton and managed by KemperSports.

KemperSports announced this week that eight of its properties were honored in the annual  National Golf Foundation Loyalty Awards with Sand Creek Station taking home top honors in the “less than $70” green fee category for the 10th consecutive year and The Jewel (Lake City, Minn.) winning the “more than $70” green fee category for the first time.

The awards were given to facilities with the highest customer satisfaction index scores based on surveys fielded through NGF's Golfer Survey Program. The NGF survey is a comprehensive annual survey that goes to each course's database of customers to gauge satisfaction and value.

Combined with TrueReview, KemperSports properties are given a snapshot of guest feedback and satisfaction. TrueReview is a proprietary program implemented at KemperSports properties that tracks guest satisfaction and invites feedback from past visitors.

"We are truly proud of each staff member at these deserving properties for delivering outstanding guest experience every day,” said KemperSports CEO Steve Skinner. “We believe inviting guest feedback and tracking loyalty is a great way to ensure happy and loyal customers.”