When officers responded to the report of a young child wandering the streets June 6, it appeared to be fairly routine. It's not completely uncommon for a call to come in about an unattended child. 

Officers located the 5-year-old  child and took him to the police station. It is at that point that things began to get a little bit out of the ordinary.

"The child could not tell us where he lived," said Lt. Scott Powell. "... He was really dirty and disheveled so we took him."

About 45 minutes after officers took the child to the police department, the child's mother called 911 to report the child missing. Officers began to investigate.

They found a home in the 900 block of W. 12th with poor living conditions and more children. By the time the investigation was complete, six children were placed in police protective custody. A seventh child was not at home, living with another parent. 

"The factor that is odd here is that most people do not have six or seven children," Powell said. "... They were not being supervised. One was gone for 45 minutes before the mom noticed. Officers went to the house and the living conditions were not acceptable for kids to be living there. It is not unusual for us to take kids out of poor living conditions.'