I think I will make this an advice column. Or, more accurately, a question column.

You see, I am a naturally curious person (not that kind of...well, that too, but...) and learning the why and how of things is a never-ending pursuit that brings me joy.

I guess that's why I love my job so much. It lets me go places and meet people I would otherwise never have encountered to learn about a dizzying array of topics.

Some of my favorite interviews are the ones where I can start with, "I don't know anything about (fill in the blank). What can you tell me about it?" I know much more about tortilla chip manufacturing, dog training and kidney transplantation than I ever imagined I would.

Despite those experiences, some things remain a mystery to me. Google, Wikipedia and YouTube are fantastic resources, but for the things I cannot figure out, I am turning to you, dear reader, in all your wisdom.

So here it is — my list of the top 10 questions I want answered (for today). I would love to get your input.

10. Why do some people wear socks with sandals?

9. Why do people use their turn signals when turning, but leave them off when changing lanes in front of me?

8. Come to think of it, why do drivers turn into the far lane (ending up behind my car) when there isn't enough room to clear the intersection, they don't need to turn right and they risk getting a ticket for it?

7. Why am I so concerned with how people drive?

6. What is the best movie featuring the newspaper industry? I just saw "The Post" and while it was a solid film, I still think "Spotlight" was better. Another top pick for me is "Newsies" which, as a musical, included great singing and dancing (and starred a very young Christian Bale).

5. Should Kansas have an official state mythological creature and, if so, what would it be? (Plenty of states are going to try and claim Bigfoot, I say we get our bid in early for whatever we want to pick.)

4. What is the best snow cone flavor? (I know it's not cherry or banana.)

3. When is the best time to meet my neighbors? I live in an apartment complex, so people can come and go quite quickly. I often wait to go beyond a friendly nod and smile until I know they are going to stick around for a while, but then I get nervous and wonder if they will think I've snubbed them by not introducing myself the first week they moved in. I sometimes think about bringing over a baked item, but then worry they'll be allergic to some ingredient.

2. What will people 50 or 100 years from now wish we had saved for posterity? I wonder this every time I declutter my house. Should I throw away that paper I worked so hard on in college or save it for future generations to marvel over...you know what, suddenly I'm feeling an urge to recycle.

1. What bumper stickers will people put on self-driving cars? "My other vehicle is an antique?"

These are just some of the things I wonder about as I go through my day. Am I the only person who thinks up such silly questions? Wait, that's not on the official list. Don't answer that.

Responses can be emailed to pmiddleton@thekansan.com, mailed to my attention c/o The Newton Kansan, PO Box 268, Newton KS, 67114 or just wave me down when you see me around town. Let's talk.