Fox Ridge Wednesday Scramble

1. Austin Thompson, Eric Thompson, Ryan Hoyme, Doug Doolen 31.

2. Lanny Bevans, Guy McKay, Mark Kennedy, Rod Williams 31.

3. Dave Mellinger, Fred Messick, Mike Foster, Brian Phipps 33.

Closest to pun 7 — Eric Thompson. Longest putt on 5 — Tom Pryor.

Next play — Wednesday.

Fox Ridge Tuesday Seniors

1. John Wilson, Narci Larez, Leo Griffith, Bob Gaede -6.

2. Carvin Thiessen, Ron Bogle, Steve n/a -5.

3. Dane Lawrence, Dick Hushka, Tom Pryor -4.

Closest to the hole — Leo Griffith. Longest putt — Jose Ramos.

Next play — 9 a.m. Tuesday.

Fox Ridge Monday Seniors

1. Dewayne Morgan, Wil Besore, Narci Larez, Bryon Brittain 30.

2. Wayne Hoffman, Don Korber, Bob Wilson, Bill Ewert 32.

3. Wes Brooks, Tom Ware, Rick Hardacre, Walt Long 32.

Closest to hole 3 — Fred Franklin. Longest putt on 9 — Dewayne Morgan.

Next play — 9 a.m. Monday.

Wedgewood Senior Men

3-man tournament

(score is team score minus team handicap)

1. Bill Houston, DeWayne Morgan, Jack Bender 29.50.

2. Rick Tolin, Bill Ewert, Dennis Carter 30.75.

3. Randy Evans, Ron Ward, Ron Black 31.

4. Del James, Daryl Cloyd, Bob Modina 33.50.

Regular senior play resumes 9 a.m. Thursday.

Hesston Senior Men

1. Dave Ediger, Blaine Rucker, Fred Niebarger, Mark Riley 25.1.

2. Floyd Sowers, Dale Lambert, Don Tipton, Erwin Loeffler 28.2.

3. John Yost, Gary Vogt, Larry Hague, Lowell Roth, Wayne Stucky 29.

Closest to the pin — Fred Niebarger.

Next play — Friday.

Hesston entries

alive at state

WICHITA — The Hesston High School boys’ tennis team has all four entries still alive at the Class 3-2-1A state tennis championships Friday at the Wulz Riverside Tennis Center in Wichita.

All four entries enter play today in the consolation quarterfinals.

In singles play, Logan Gamble opened play in the second round, falling to Keenan Comley of Sterling 6-2, 6-1. In the first consolation round, Gamble downed Peter Westbrook of Bishop Seabury Academy 9-0. In the second consolation round, Gamble beat Luke Wells of Haven 9-6.

Gamble, a sophomore, is 24-9 and will take on Caleb Kern of Kansas City Christian.

Freshman Rhain Isaac opened play with a 6-4, 6-1 win over Westbrook, but lost in the second round to William Weiner of Sterling 6-0, 6-0. In the first consolation round, Isaac downed Ambrose Shaunghnessy of Cimarron 9-8 (9-7). Isaac then downed J.J. Heredia of Central Plains 9-5.

Isaac, 16-12, will face Grayson Rader of Bishop Seabury Academy in the consolation quarterfinals.

In doubles, the team of Jorge Morales and Jeb Carlson opened with a win over Michael Maldonado and Thomas Maldonado of Hutchinson Trinity (the score was not posted). In the second round, Morales and Carlson downed Austin Kinderknect and Leyton Brock of Trego Community 6-0, 6-0. In the quarterfinals, Morales and Carlson fell to Daniel Siemers and Aaron Bowlin of Maranatha Christian Academy 6-3, 6-3.

Morales, a senior, and Carlson, a sophomore, are 20-10 and face Cody Jones and Trenton Jones of Conway Springs in the consolation quarterfinals.

Senior Daniel Casimir and junior Isaac Decker lost to Brett Riffel and Garrett Sankey of Sterling 6-3, n/a. In the first consolation round, Casimir and Decker downed Ian Hanna and Thomas DiZerega of Bishop Seabury Academy by default. In the second consolation round, Casimir and Decker downed Zak Oster and Roland Hou of Maranatha Christian Academy 9-5.

Casimir and Decker, 15-11, will face Joshua Koester and Peyton Winter of Conway Springs in the consolation quarterfinals.

Newton duo

1-2 at state

EMPORIA — The Newton team of Seth Bontrager and Zeke Thompson finished 1-2 in doubles play at the Class 5A state boys’ tennis championships Friday in Emporia.

Bontrager and Thompson opened play with a 6-4, 6-2 loss to Jacob Brizendine and Jacob Hoffman off Pittsburg.

In the first consolation round, Bontrager and Thompson downed Ted Shi and Ethan Renner of Blue Valley Southwest 9-7. In the second consolation round, Bontrager and Thompson were eliminated by Johnny Steven and Ty Stranghoner of Bishop Carroll 9-1.

Bontrager, a junior, and Thompson, a freshman, end the season 14-16.

Railer soccer

team falls

The Newton High School girls’ soccer team ended the regular season with a 2-0 loss to Andover Central Thursday night at Fischer Field.

Andover Central scored a goal in each half.

Newton ends the season 8-8 and opens play next week in Class 5A regional play. Pairings are expected to be set today.

The junior varsity fell to Andover Central 1-0 and end the season 3-10.

5A softball

pairings set

Below are the pairings for Newton’s Class 5A softball regionals Wednesday at Goddard:


14. Newton (0-20) vs. 3. Goddard (14-6) 4:30 p.m.

11. Wichita Heights (7-13) vs. 6. Kapaun-Mt. Carmel (12-8) 3 p.m.


Semifinal winners 6 p.m.