You have until May 18 to submit a "letter of interest" to City Hall if you would like to be on the City Commission to finish out the empty spot. As of Thursday's paper (May 3) four such letters had been received. One is from Ron Eggert who attends nearly all City Commission work sessions and meetings. The other three men I have never seen at either a work session or meeting, and I too attend most sessions. So why are they only now showing an interest? Where were they in the past when budgets were being worked out? How can they be "up to speed" when they have no idea of the work that is involved in figuring out how to spend Newton's taxpayer's money?

I hope the current commissioners will strongly consider who has Newton's best interests at heart - one who attends the most meetings and understands the difficulties, or three who don't.

— Laurie Hartke, Newton.