I suggest if we want a successful barrier erected along our Southern border with Mexico that we consider subcontracting with Hungary or Israel.

Both of these countries have proven they know how to stop aggressive migrants from entering their sovereign territory.

The days of dealing with invasion-migration tactics by massed foreigners must come to an end.

The use of tear gas, pepper spray or water cannon may be an unpleasant necessity when dealing with virulent border crashers.

But the lesson will be learned very quickly.

The U.S. has learned the hard way we cannot be the world’s policeman.

We must also learn that we cannot be the repository for every person or group of people who have a real or imagined reason for fleeing their country of origin.

Perhaps these people should learn they must stand and fight for their own homes instead of shamelessly sneaking or crashing across our border.

— Gregory H. Bontrager, Hutchinson