Since 2011 Stutzman's Garden Center has operated in a parking lot, in the 300 block of Main Street, and business has been good. 

At least it was good enough that the Hutchinson company continued to open up what really was a temporary location — and when it became known that the garden center would have to move to make room for a new police station on property owned by the city of Newton, that they knew they wanted a new location in Newton. 

After a search, that new location was found. Last week the business celebrated a grand opening at a new location at 1308 S. Kansas Avenue. 

"We are blessed," said manager Stacey Dennett. "We waited and waited and tried every avenue to find a different location. ... Nothing worked out. I remember going down the road one day with my boss and saying 'we are done looking. We are going to pray about it. We are tired of looking. If it is meant to be, it will happen.' By this next season, Dave Smith called me and asked 'What do you think about this.' I called my boss." 

The new location is more than a parking lot with a shed — the business now is housed, at least in part, in a building renovated to allow for a gift shop on site. When Stutzman's moved, it expanded.

"I knew we could do it." Dennett said.  "This gift shop has been a huge hit. ... It was Deja Vu Thrift Shop before us. We came in and renovated, and we had concrete poured out front. Our landlord paid for that, so it is not Stutzman's that came in and did everything. ... We did all the remodeling on the inside."

Traffic counts on the street in front of the business has doubled, just with the location move. 

"Location, location, location," Dennett said. "... There is room enough for everyone in this town. It is not our intention to put anyone out of business. There is enough here for everybody."