Dozens of Newton High School students are putting in hours of work after classes in preparation for this year's prom.

On Tuesday evening, students hauled a pickup load of tree branches up a flight of stairs into the wrestling room to be used as part of the "Enchanted Forest" theme for the event.

Kate Sebes unwrapped miniature mushrooms to be placed in mossy, candlelit centerpieces.

"We talked about putting in a pond," Sebes said. "We decided that would be too much — and we didn't know how to put a body of water in the gym."

The students are building an arbor and setting up a backdrop with forest and pond imagery.

"We have an entrance that we're building; we have two picture places that we have to build," Sebes said. "We have to organize the dance floor and do colors around the outside."

Laid out on the wrestling room floor were rows of flat borders, waiting to be painted.

"That goes above the poly-vinyl sheets that we'll have hanging to cover up the gym walls," Sebes explained.

Painting, staining, assembling and moving pieces — from large columns to floral arrangements — takes time, effort and organization to create a unified look for prom.

"There's lots of little projects," Sebes said. "...I've never done something this big, so this is stretching, for me, a little bit."

Newton High School Prom will be held from 8 to 11:30 p.m. on April 21 in Ravenscroft Gym. The

Prom Open House will open from 3 to 5 p.m. beforehand.