Bowling reports are due at the Kansan office by noon Fridays. We reserve the right to abbreviate team names due to space limitations. We regret we can't take bowling reports by telephone.



Eastgate Chicks;83.5;32.5

Some Beaches;83.5;32.5

VFW 971;76;40


Kustom Karriers;64;52

Ball Hugger;56;60

Eastgate Lanes;55.5;60.5

Family Ties;48;68


High Single Game — Pam Berg, 212; High Single Series — L’Deena Jones, 563; High Team Game — VFW 971, 648; High Team Series — Eastgate Chicks, 1,874.


Ball Busters;40:24

Strike and Spare G.;39;25

Team Retired;35;29

It Doesn’t Matter;34;30


Gear Heads;29.5;34.5

We Need Some;24;40

Give ‘Em 3;22;42

High Single Game — Men: Irvin Esau, 277; Women: Judy Secrest, 165; High Series — Men: Mike Swartz, 696; Women: Judy Secrest, 382; High Team Game — Team Retired, 1,037; High Team Series — Team Retired, 3,033.


Final standings

Kiss My Avg.;61;35

It’s Whatever;53.5;42.5

The Nines;51;45

I Don’t Care;49;47

Pet World;47;49

Otra Vez;45.5;50.5

Just Hav’n Fun;44.5;51.5

Bowl Dawgs;44;52


Gutter Balls;36.5;59.5

High Single Game — Men: Shawn Stietz, 267; Women: Tricia Garcia, 197; High Series — Men: Chunky Monares, 646; Women: Tricia Garcia, 197; High Team Game — Kiss My Average, 687; High Team Series — Kiss My Average, 1,774.


Hesston Senior Men

1. Mike Tate, Bob Buller, Mark Riley, Lowell Roth 27.1.

2. John Yost, Dale Lambert, Doyle Dodd 27.6.

3. Chet Roberts, Gary Vogt, Larry Hague, Blaine Rucker 28.8.

Closest to pin 8 — John Yost.

Next play — 9 a.m. Friday.

Fox Ridge Tuesday Seniors

1. Mark Bennett, Wayne Hoffman, n/a, Dick Hushka -5.

2. George, Jose Ramos, Ken Lieke, Junior Hargis -4.

3. Dane Lawrence, Jim Zook, Rod Mather, Leo Griffith -4.

Closest to the hole — George Eason.

Next play — 1 p.m. Tuesday.

Fox Ridge Monday Seniors

1. Dabe Stallbaumer, Don Schmidt, Bob Gaede, Berle Higgins 33.

2. Wes Brooks, Jose Ramos, Ron Black, Dane Lawrence 33.

3. Carvin Thiessen, Tom Ware, Wayne Hoffman, Junior Hargis 34.

Next play — 9 a.m. Monday.