The condition of Syria

Most of Syria has been bombed to oblivion by Russia and the United States. This is indeed a shame; there are a plethora of ancient monuments destroyed which can never be replaced. I am wondering if there are not other ways of settling disputes? Could we just talk to each other first of all with no pre-conditions? The following in Syria should be/needs to be preserved:

* the ancient city of Palmyria

* the forty foot pillar, in parts, now, from which St. Simion Stilytes preached on top and lived atop for forty years

* the street called Straight (Acts, Chapter three, the Bible)

* the city of Damascus, among many others.


Destruction of ancient sites cannot be replaced. My feelings are high since traveling trough Syria numerous times. While teaching in neighboring Jordan and returning home after two years, four men relief workers drove in a jeep through Syria, camping out each of four nights. We did not ask for camping permission and yet had very peaceful nights of sleep.

— Marlow Ediger, North Newton