Labor Day, considered the traditional start of camping and parks season, is still more than a month away. Some would think this would be a lull before the storm.

But not Kass Miller, the director of Harvey County Parks. He and his staff have been busy.

"It is that time of year," Miller said. "... We try and stay busy."

This year there will be no fee changes — meaning some activities will still be free and there will be no county fishing licenses required. Camping fees, building rentals, horse trail fees and boating fees will remain unchanged.

Projects at Camp Hawk have included working on the standpipe and dam, remodeling the kitchen in the shelter house, construction of a pergola, new tables and chairs and new windows.

"We will be getting some fish in there when it fills up," Miller said.

There has been tree trimming at all the parks, along with maintenance of all the department vehicles. The county parks department has also dredged out the swimming pond at West Park, removing muck.

"Most of our time was concentrated at West Park and Camp Hawk," Miller said.

The parks department hosted an Easter Egg hunt, and has some events coming up in the weeks ahead that predate Memorial Day.  This weekend, there will be "Goldfish Drag Races" at East Park. April 20 will be the first fish stocking at all the parks — one week later will be a fishing tournament at West Park. Also coming up is a food truck rally on May 12, a movie under the stars and possible classic car cruise all that day. 

"We have all that going on before the camping season really kicks off," Miller said. "We have people camping already. Memorial Day weekend is the big kickoff for most people."