The Newton High School boys’ tennis team had a finalist and fifth-place team finish Thursday at the Newton Invitational at the Phil Scott Tennis Courts and the Marty Ward Tennis Center at Bethel.

Salina Central won the team title with 55 points, followed by Derby at 47, Campus at 37, Emporia at 35, Newton at 33, Winfield at 29, Hutchinson at 21 and Wichita Heights at 17.

The Railers were led by senior Jason Wong, who took second in the singles bracket.

Wong won his first three matches, but fell in the finals to Max Shaffer of Salina Central 8-5.

Wong jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the finals, but then struggled on serve. Wong had 14 double-faults to three for Shaffer. Twice in the match, Wong had three double-faults in a row.

“Jason has come a long way this year,” Newton coach Nick Sisson said. “He went from playing doubles last year to no. 1 singles this year. He had a good showing at Ark City the other day, finishing sixth out of 28. He met a kid who was really consistent. Jason made a few mistakes at the wrong time, but he’ll have a chance to face him again. Jason is only going to improve.”

Rai Anngolo finished seventh in singles at 2-2.

In doubles play, the team of Seth Bontrager and Zeke Thompson finished 11th at 1-3. The team of Daniel Buller and Joel Golubski finished 13th at 2-2.

“It’s a growing year this year,” Sisson said. “We have 28 out and over half of them are underclassmen. We’re definitely young. We’re trying to get a lot of kids a lot of experience. We’re trying to find some new leaders and we’ll go from there. We haven’t been in this spot in around 10 years.”

Newton plays Tuesday at Salina Central Classic.

Newton Inv.


Phil Scott Tennis Courts

Marty Ward Tennis Center

Team scores — Salina Central 55, Derby 47, Campus 37, Emporia 35, Newton 33, Winfield 29, Hutchinson 21, Wichita Heights 17.


First round — Jason Wong New. def. Joe Blake Hut. 8-3, Aaron Larsen Der. def. Henry Brinkerhoff WH 8-4, Ethan Kardin Der. def. Michael Wilson Emp. 8-1, Caeden Odette Cam. defg. Noah Everett Win. 8-0, Max Shaffer SC def. Ethan Chouinard WH 8-1, Rai Angolo New. def. Brian Madrigal Emp. 8-1, Gavin Crowe Win. def. Cody Reed Cam. 8-0, Brady Stack SC def. Bo Tolbert Hut. 8-3.

Quarterfinals — Championship: Wong New. def. Larsen Der. 8-1, Odette Cam. def. Kardin Der. 8-6, Shaffer SC def. Angolo New. 8-1, Crowe Win. def. Stack SC 8-5. Consolation: Blake Hut. def. Brinkerhoff WH 8-0, Wilson Emp. def. Everett Win. 8-6, Madrigal Emp. def. Chouinard WH 8-2, Tolbert Hut. def. Reed Cam. 8-3.

Semifinals — Championship: Wong New. def. Odette Cam. 8-5, Shaffer SC def. Crowe Win. 8-6. Fifth-place bracket: Kardin Der. def. Larson Der. 8-2, Stack SC def. Angolo New. 8-5. Ninth-place bracket: Blake Hut. def. Wilson Emp. 8-2, Tolbert Hut. def. Madrigal Emp. 8-4. 13th-place bracket: Brinkerhoff WH def. Everett Win. 8-3, Reed Cam. def. Chouinard WH n/a.

Medal round — First: Shaffer SC def. Wong N 8-5. Third: Crowe Win. def. Odette Cam. 8-1. Fifth: Stack SC def. Kadin Der. 8-4. Seventh: Angolo New. def. Larsen Der. 8-6. Ninth: Blake Hut. def. Tolbert Hut. 8-7 (9-7). 11th: Wilson Emp. def. Madrigal Emp. 8-6. 13th: Brinkerhoff WH def. Reed Cam. 8-3. 15th: Everett Win. def. Chouinard WH 8-5.


First round — Will Hays-Reid McHenry SC def. Harrison Pankratz-Nathan Addis Hut. 8-0, Josh Stutler-Payton Harmon Emp. def. Mykel Apsley-Trevor Page Cam. 8-5, Clayton Talbert-Presley Chan Cam. def. Corbin Schwartz-Evan Henderson Hut. 8-4, Leo Enkelman-Michael Reimschisel WH def. Seth Bontrager-Zeke Thompson New. 8-7 (7-5), Cameron Keinholz-Taylor Moorman Emp. def. Keaton Davis-Mohammad Ullah WH 8-0, Brady Walls-Clayton Simmons Der. def. Zach Butler-Chris Norton Win. 8-4, David Dunn-Jarrett Bowman Der. def. Tayton Donham-Drake Hill Win. 8-3, Carson Michaelis-Keaton Beach SC def. Daniel Buller-Joel Golubski New. 8-2.

Quarterfinals — Championship: Hays-McHenry SC def. Stutler-Harmon Emp. 8-1, Talbert-Chan Cam. def. Enkelman-Reimschiesel WH 8-7 (7-4), Kienholz-Moorman Emp. def. Walls-Simmons Der. 8-2, Dunn-Bowman Der. def. Michaelis-Beach SC 8-4. Consolation: Apsley-Page Cam. def. Pankratz-Addis Hut. 8-3, Bontrager-Thomas New. def. Schwartz-Henderson Hut. 8-2, Butler-Norton Win. def. Davis-Ullah WH 8-1, Donham-Hill Win. def. Buller-Golubski New. 8-4.

Semifinals — Championship: Hayes-McHenry SC def. Talbert-Chan Cam. 8-4, Dunn-Bowman Der. def. Kienholz-Moorman Emp. 8-7 (7-1). Fifth-place bracket: Enkelman-Reimschisel WH def. Stutler-Harmon Emp. 8-7 (7-3), Walls-Simmons Der. def. Michaelis-Beach SC 8-4. Ninth-place bracket: Apsley-Page Cam. def. Bontrager-Thompson New. 8-2, Donham-Hill Win. def. Butler-Norton Win. 8-4. 13th-place bracket: Schwartz-Henderson Hut. def. Pankratz-Addis Hut. 8-1, Buller-Golubski New, def. Davis-Ullah WH 8-6.

Medal round — First: Hays-McHenry SC def. Dunn-Bowman Der. 8-1. Third: Kienholz-Moorman Emp. def. Talbert-Chan Cam. 8-1. Fifth: Walls-Simmons Der. def. Enkelman-Reimschisel WH 8-6. Seventh: Stutler-Harmon Emp. def. Michaelis-Beach SC 8-5. Ninth: Apley-Page Cam. def. Donham-Hill Win. 8-2. 11th: Butler-Norton Win. def. Bontrager-Thompson New. 8-5. 13th: Schwartz-Henderson Hut. def. Buller-Golubski New. 8-4. 15th: Pankratz-Addis Hut. def. Davis-Ullah WH 8-7 (7-2).