A probable cause leading to the arrest of former Peabody-Burns teacher and coach Chris Young, age 45, alleges he had sex with not one, but two juvenile students.


The 12-page document contains the investigation notes of Peabody Chief of Police Bruce F. Burke.


According to the affidavit, Burke was made aware of a sexual relationship between Young and a student at the school on Jan. 2, 2018. An investigation ensued, leading to the arrest of Young.


The initial tip and interviews about the affair happened with a friend of the juvenile female — a friend who the victim was asking to lie on behalf of to cover up where she was. That child refused to do so, and according to the affidavit, she was told that the victim had “been with (Young) all afternoon and was going to spend the night with him at his trailer, located at his shop … in the city of Peabody.”


In the order of disclosure, the court noted the presence of hearsay information in the affidavit and found this is not unusual or inappropriate in a probable cause affidavit. The affidavit was released in redacted form, with the names of juveniles and any other information that could identify those juveniles redacted. The affidavit was sent to The Kansan via mail, delivered by the U.S. Postal Service April 2.


There is, however, a first-hand account from a second juvenile victim. The second victim told law enforcement that she, the first victim and Young were involved in an all-night threesome. In the affidavit the second victim alleges that Young had sex with both herself and the first victim the night of Jan 28 or 29.


According to the affidavit, Young was found to be in possession of topless photos of both girls. The same photos were found on phones owned by the victims.


According to the affidavit, a review of the school video systems and observations by school administration revealed multiple times that Young's classroom door was locked prior to school, and Young was in the classroom with one of the victims. Also observed was Young and a victim going in an alcove in the hallway during school hours and a victim repeatedly going into Young's classroom when she should have been elsewhere in the building.


One of the juveniles claimed Young had given her a promise ring for Christmas, and identified Young as her “boyfriend” to other students.