The Newton B.P.W. Organization sponsored two scholarships this year, awarded at the March 26 meeting.

A $500 scholarship was awarded to Ashton McGinn of Sedgwick, while a $250 scholarship was awarded to Avery Blank of Sedgwick.

The local organization has given scholarships to deserving women and men since 1980. They are not only for high school graduates but also for those who have been in the workforce and are returning to school to broaden their education and further their careers.

The scholarships have enrollment from Feb. 1 through March 1 each year. For more information, contact: Kim Fiessinger, Scholarship Chairman, at 316-288-9352.

The Newton BPW organization was founded in 1924. BPW/Kansas was a member of the National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc. until July 2009.  At the annual convention held in Topeka, the members voted to sever ties with BPW/USA and strike out on their own as an independent organization.