What is the debate about, guns or control?

We all know about the school shooting that took place on Feb 14 at Parkland high school in Florida. Students from this school have been made famous from their protesting, because our media gives them plenty of coverage.

Something that got almost no coverage was the school shooting in Maryland on March 20 when a teenager shot a girl who he was suspected in having interest in along with another male student. The more interesting part of this story was the resource officer who responded in less than a minute and shot the gunman, preventing him from shooting any other students.

This particular resource officer did the exact thing that the sheriff’s officer in Florida didn’t do on Feb 14. This officer stood outside the building and never fired a shot. In my opinion, this is the problem at hand.

In the weeks following this Florida shooting, there was plenty said about this officer and his lack of courage. He ended up resigning from the department, but it’s not clear if the local sheriff has been held accountable. Partly because there isn’t any more talk in the media about this portion of the incident.

Instead all they want to do is talk about gun control. Never mind the officers who were supposed to protect the students and did nothing. In the first week after this shooting is was found out that this young man who killed these Florida students had been on a list from local and federal authorities, had been interviewed, but somehow fell through all the cracks and was able to buy seven guns in a year.

Even the day of the shooting, students said if we ever thought a shooting would happen at our school it would be this guy who did it. So why is all the media attention focused on guns issues and not finding out why this young man fell through the cracks of our current system? More gun laws aren’t going to be worth a flip if our current laws are not enforced or followed up on.

And why did the success of a resource officer get so little praise from national media? Oh, and one last thing. Who paid for all these marches that took place on March 24? Who put them together? Is anyone asking these questions?

— Mark Rolland, Newton