I admire high school students for protesting, marching, having placards to bring about change and make their schools safe.

However, I don't believe they fully understand the consequences of their demands. There was a picture in the paper recently from a rally the students held; can't see a face, but two hands are holding a sign that says- "When the 2nd Amendment was ratified: Slavery was legal, women and people of color could not vote, typical guns included muskets and flint lock pistols." The implication is that the Second Amendment is outdated and no longer appilcable.

When the first ten amendments were written it was because the people of that time wanted to ensure that the government could not infringe on their natural given rights. The Amendments to the Constitution are NOT rights given by the government to the people, but rather restrictions ON the government BY the people.

If there was no Second Amendment there would be no First Amendment, or any other amendments. The people possessing arms is the only thing stopping government becoming tyrannical. Think Russia, China, North Korea, most African nations and many in South America. And if you don't think it can or will happen here in the U.S. then you are incredibly uninformed or extremely naive. Wake up! We must be constantly vigilant in order to keep government from completely taking over. Think Orwell's "1984."

There are other ways of keeping schools safe from mass shooters, i.e. better mental health, the FBI doing its job, arming school personel and more.

Students, keep pushing for change, just be sure you are asking for the right thing. Be informed, be smart. P.S. Excellent idea Kevin Henderson!

— Laurie A. Hartke, Newton.