National Public Health Week is celebrated April 2-8 this year. On behalf of Newton Medical Center, I wish to thank our Harvey County Health Department leadership and staff for the work they do to promote health, wellness, and overall quality of life in Newton and Harvey County.

The county Health Departments are established by state statute and their prescribed workload is heavy and often difficult and challenging. The hospital staff and physicians respect the work of Lynette Reddington, Director, and her capable staff. We rely upon their analytic capabilities and advice in diverse areas ranging from disaster preparedness to managing communicable disease outbreaks.

The community depends upon them for disease investigation, isolation and quarantine, rabies control, health nuisances, healthy wastewater management, breastfeeding support, STD testing and counseling, school health and so much more.

Together we are addressing our community’s studied health priorities: to improve well-being that includes good mental and behavioral health; to prevent and manage chronic disease; and to develop viable transportation options for health needs. By 2020, we want to see a healthier Harvey county. The Health Department provides significant leadership in this effort. Staff recently partnered to bring significant grant funding into the community for health promotion in support of the health priorities.

On behalf the hospital, I want to acknowledge our deep gratitude to the Harvey County Health Department staff and the work they do. It is truly impossible to overestimate their contribution to the health and welfare of our communities. We wish our colleagues there a great National Public Health Week. We also invite you to join in the celebration of National Public Health Week by visiting and


— Vallerie Gleason, President and CEO of Newton Medical Center