McPHERSON — With just two players with varsity experience, the Newton High School boys’ tennis team opened the season with a second-place finish Tuesday at the McPherson Invitational.

Defending Class 4A state runner-up McPherson downed Newton 66-36. Salina South was third at 32, followed by Derby at 30, McPherson White at 28, Winfield at 26, Hays at 22 and Great Bend at 12.

Three out of the four Railer entries reached the quarterfinals.

Jason Wong finished fourth at singles at 2-2. Seth Bontrager finished seventh in singles at 2-2.

In doubles play, the team of Zeke Thompson and Jonah Schloneger finished sixth at 2-2. Daniel Buller and Joel Golubski finished 11th at 2-2.

Newton plays today at the Emporia Invitational.

McPherson Inv.


Team scores — McPherson Red 66, Newton 36, Salina South 32, Derby 30, McPherson White 28, Winfield 26, Hays 22, Great Bend 12.

Newton results


4. Jason Wong (2-2): 1. W Zachary Wash, McPherson white 8-1; QF. W Gavin Crowe, Winfield 8-4; SF. L Jarrod Nowak, McPherson red 8-1; Third: L Carson Harris, Salina South 8-6.

7. Seth Bontrager (2-2): 1. W Griffin Peterson, Salina South 8-4; QF. L Andrew Snell, McPherson red 8-1; CSF. L Ethan Kardin, Derby n/a; Seventh: W Zach Butler, Winfield 8-0.


6. Zeke Thompson-Jonah Schloneger (2-2) — 1. W Schorb-Kennemer, Hays 8-2; QF. L Walls-Dunn, Derby 8-6; CSF. W Courtney-Hargrave. McPherson white 8-5; Seventh: L Gipson-Glazner, McPherson white 8-3.

11. Daniel Buller-Joel Golubski (2-2): 1. L Gipson-Glazner, McPherson white 8-4, CQF. W Tafoya-Mock, Derby 8-5, CSF. L Williams-Esperaza, Great Bend 8-6; 11th. W Frizell-Phillips, Great Bend 8-6.