HESSTON — The Hesston High School boys’ tennis team placed second out of eight teams Tuesday at the Hesston Invitational I at the HHS tennis courts.

Class 5A power Salina Central downed Hesston 38-29 for the title. Smoky Valley was third at 26, followed by Wichita Trinity Academy at 20, Goddard at 19, Hutchinson Trinity at 18, Wichita Independent at 14 and Parsons at eight.

“All-in-all, a good start to the season,” Hesston coach Mark Dahlsten said. “We need to serve a little more consistently (too many double faults), return serve better and construct points better, but for a first tournament and a very good field, it was a good start.”

At first singles, Logan Gamble finished second, falling in the finals to nationally-ranked (USTA, 14-and-under) Bryson Toubassi of Wichita Independent 8-1.

At first doubles, Jorge Morales and Jeb Carlson took second at 2-1, falling to Wichita Trinity Academy in the finals 8-4.

At second doubles, Rhain Isaac and Isaac Decker finished third at 2-1.

Daniel Casimir finished seventh at 1-2.

Hesston plays Tuesday at the Smoky Valley Invitational in Lindsborg.

Hesston Inv. I


Team scores — Salina Central 30, Hesston 29, Smoky Valley 26, Wichita Trinity Academy 20, Goddard 19, Hutchinson Trinity 18, Wichita Independent 14, Parsons 8.

First singles

Quarterfinals — Bryson Toubassi WI def. Zach Spriggs Par. 8-0, Tristan Harcrow HT def. Cole Brumbaugh SV 8-2, Logan Gamble Hes. def. Drew Majors WTA 8-3, Max Shaffer SC def. Parker Winter Gd. 8-0.

Semifinals — Championship: Toubassi WI def. Harcrow HT 8-1, Gamble Hes. def. Shaffer SC 8-4. Consolation: Brumbaugh SV def. Spriggs Par. 8-1, Majors WTA def. Winter Gd. 8-5.

Medal round — Championship: Toubassi WI def. Gamble Hes. 8-1. Third: Shaffer SC def. Harcrow HT 8-0. Fifth: Brumbaugh SV def. Majors WTA 8-6. Seventh: Winter Gd. def. Spriggs Par. 8-0.

Second singles

Quarterfinals — Brady Stack SC def. Kory Rash WTA 8-7 (7-2), Jackson LeFevre Gd. def. Pryce Bhula WI 8-6, Alvaro Alvarez HT def. Laurence Dahlsten SV 8-4, Carlos Collins Par. def. Daniel Casimir Hes. 8-7 (7-5).

Semifinals — Championship: Stack SC def. LeFevre Gd. 8-2, Alvarez HT def. Collins Par. 8-4. Consolation: Rash WTA def. Buhla WI 8-6, Dahlsten SV def. Casimir Hes. 8-3.

Medal round — Championship: Stack SC def. Alvarez HT 8-2. Third: LeFevre Gd. def. Collins Par. 8-3. Fifth: Dahlsten SV def. Rash WTA 8-6. Seventh: Casimir Hes. def. Bhula WI 8-7 (7-5).

First doubles

Quarterfinals — Reinert-Raucholz SV def. Martinez-Stringer Par. 8-2, Kriwiel-Weimar WTA def. Carnley-Farrow WI 8-4, Morales-Carlson Hes. def. Maldonado-Visciglia HT 8-3, Green-Corbet SC def. Tatum-Phillips Gd. 8-2.

Semifinals — Championship: Kriwiel-Weimar WTA def. Reinert-Raucholz SV 8-7 (7-3), Morales-Carlson Hes. def. Green-Corbet SC 8-4. Consolation: Martinez-Stringer Par. def. Carnlay-Farrow WI 8-7 (7-4), Tatum-Phillips Gd. def. Maldonado-Visciglia HT 8-5.

Medal round — Championship: Kriwiel-Weimer WTA def. Morales-Carlson Hes. 8-4. Third: Green-Courbet SC def. Reinert-Raucholz SV 8-2. Fifth: Tatum-Phillips Gd. def. Martinez-Stringer Par. 8-4. Seventh: Carnley-Farrow WI def. Maldonado-Visciglio HT 8-3.

Second doubles

Quarterfinals — Lucas-Lucas SV def. Vigilius-Pennington WTA 8-4, Heick-Delmar Gd. def. Burmeister-Ballowe WI 8-4, Speer-Burgoon SC def. Maldonado-Zipprich HT 8-3, Decker-Isaac Hes. def. Nance-Thomas Par. 8-2.

Semifinals — Championship: Lucas-Lucas SV def. Heick-Delmar Gd. 8-4, Speer-Burgoon SC def. Decker-Isaac Hes. 8-7 (7-2). Consolation: Vigilius-Pennington WTA def. Burmeister-Ballowe WI 8-1, Maldonado-Zipprich HT def. Nance-Thomas Par. 8-5.

Medal round — Championship: Lucas-Lucas SV def. Speer-Burgoon SC 8-1. Third: Isaac-Decker Hes. def. Heick-Delmar Gd. 8-3. Fifth: Vigilius-Pennington WTA def. Maldonado-Zipprich HT 8-7 (7-1). Seventh: Burmeister-Ballowe WI def. Nance-Thomas Par. 8-4.