It is very unusual for Federal officials to change offices quickly and have knowledge and skills in performing well in the new office.

For a typical example, Secretary Tom Price was Secretary of the Health and Human Services (HHS) for about one month, and a new secretary of HHS took over. This is typical in the President’s cabinet. Having a Doctorate in Education, I am in the field of training teachers and school administrators. When a new teacher is hired, it takes three years to reach tenure, meaning he/she is then satisfactory/capable for being permanently employed. Teaching is a demanding profession and in-service education is needed. Is there less need for capability in being a Secretary in the United States president’s cabinet?

I noticed that Gerald Kushner made a very few trips to the Holy Land in moving the American embassy from Tele Aviv to Jerusalem which has never been tried, or attempted, with the previous successive presidents. What experiences did he have for this enormous task of forcing the Israeli/Palestinian dilemma? The Palestinians were extremely opposed to moving the Embassy to Jerusalem. Did their desire not count? For not approving, US aid to the Palestinians was cut $330 million to the United Nations for food and fuel. There are approximately four million Palestinian refugees from wars in the Middle East.

— Marlow Ediger, North Newton