There are 1,112,096 Households in Kansas,  according to census figures for 2017-18.

According to the recently published figures, the State of Kansas needs to increase school funding from the present level of $6.472 billion by $2.076 billion to a total of $8.548 billion.

This means that the cost for education in Kansas would be increased from $5,819.65 to $7,687.00 per year per household.

This is just the cost of education.   This does not include "Your Fair Share" for the rest of the state budget.

So ask yourself these two questions.

Have I been paying "My Households Fair Share" of $5,819.65 to fund Kansas Education?

And ... Am I willing to pay the additional $1,867.35 per year for the total of $7,687.00 per year that will be "My Households Fair Share"?

— Kevin Henderson, Halstead, Kansas