As much as we try to move beyond Hillary Clinton she just won’t let us.

With every excuse she makes for her unthinkable defeat at the hands of Donald Trump she shows the depth of her contempt for the American people.

Like the Hollywood elite and tenured faculty who adore her, she can’t fathom that the common folk don’t recognize their superiority to the rest of us.

Clinton exudes every derogatory cliché of contempt the Left has to offer for America.

Like a chameleon the new breed of democrat is learning from Clinton's mistakes. They masquerade behind the values of Middle America while fitting comfortably in sheep’s clothing waiting to reveal their true nature until they have consolidated power.

Whether by altering the demographics of the voter base with illegal immigrants, or the creation of a welfare dependent population the suppression of any political thought other than their own is the ultimate objective.

— Gregory H. Bontrager, Hutchinson