MOUNDRIDGE — For Moundridge resident Casie Wiens, it was fond recollections of listening to "Psalty the Singing Songbook" cassette tapes that got her thinking about what she could create to teach children about Jesus.

Wanting to make something that would engage children in their own homes, Wiens put together Delivery Quest — a year-long subscription in which packages are sent to children each month.

"The first month is the biggest month," Wiens said. "They'll get a map and a bag and they'll get a lanyard."

Delivery Quest follows the story of Joy and Jake, two children who travel with their Grandpa Joe to visit Biblical sites in Israel.

Wiens wanted Delivery Quest to have an "adventurous" feel for children in preschool through fifth grade.

"Christmas is the beginning and the crucifixion is the end, but what happened in the middle," Wiens said.

Wiens was assisted by Jason Rains, owner of 15:7 Consulting and pastor of Grace Crossing church in Moundridge.

"It's a really neat approach versus your normal children's curriculum," Rains said. "...This is more of an individualized, focused story of Jesus' life — high points, low points and specific events — woven into this family story of two kids."

As they travel, Jake and Joy send back postcards with images of the sites they visit in present-day Israel. Each month's package includes at least three postcards of places Jesus visited.

"He's a real guy and he came from a real place in the world and I wanted kids to know that. It's not some imaginary, made-up place," Wiens said.

Each package also includes a souvenir keychain that can be attached to the lanyard. The keychains include items such as water from the Jordan River, a locket with frankincense and mustard seeds. Many of the souvenirs come from Israel, Wiens noted, and each one represents a part of Jesus' life.

"It's a treasure quest, is what it is," Rains said. "You've got to get your kids to understand that, each month, they're sending you postcards and souvenirs from along their journey."

An art project, with all supplies included, is also part of each month's package. The goal, according to Wiens, is to offer children a more hands-on way to learn about Jesus.

"It's a little bit more than just questions and discussion," Wiens said.

A letter from Jake and Joy detailing their adventures, and some strange incidents that occur along the way, also comes in each package.

"It is a children's book in itself," Rains said. "It's just like they get a chapter each month."

As packages arrive, children learn about the events in Jesus' life in chronological order.

"It's a way she can partner with parents and say, 'hey, let me help you learn the story of Jesus,'" Rains said.

Wiens sees Delivery Quest as a way for children to engage with the Bible and the adults in their lives.

"Whether it's a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle — I think it's a great tool that Casie is putting in their hands so that they can have an impact or an influence on kids," Rains said.

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