A Newton YMCA employee found a note in a bathroom stall containing a bomb threat against the facility.

"It said the 'the bomb will go off on 3/8 of 18,'" said Lt. Scott Powell of the Newton Police Department. "That is the only thing that we have. There have not been any phone calls."

YMCA staff immediately evacuated the building, taking everyone to Newton Medical Center. Unattended children were picked up by their parents at the Sunflower Café at Newton Medical Center.

The police department locked down the building and began a search. Three bomb-sniffing dogs were brought in from the Kansas Highway Patrol. After two of the dogs were finished, and the third nearly done, nothing had been found.

"We are not expecting anything dramatic," Powell said.

The YMCA remains closed through the night. It was slated to reopen the morning of March 9.

This was the second bomb threat in as many days investigated by the Newton Police Department. March 7 the department investigated a threat made by phone against Walmart.

It is unknown if the two incidents are related.

In both cases, the police department dedicated a full shift of officers, including administration and investigative staff, to the threat. The YMCA incident occurred during a shift change, which allowed for a full patrol in the city.

"Other than the overtime, that part worked out pretty well," Powell said.