In the end, no threat was found. However, management of Newton Walmart issued a "code blue" over the store intercom, with the admonishment that "this is not a warning." At about 8:40 a.m. the store was evacuated — all customers and personnel left for the parking lot — and 911 was called. 

"The store received a threat that there was a bomb in the store that was going to go off," said Eric Murphy, chief of police for Newton. "Management evacuated the store and called us. As a precaution, they did the evacuation. We assisted them in going through the store in looking for a device."

The search, performed by the Newton Police Department assisted by store management, lasted more than an hour and a half. 

"We did not locate anything that looked suspicious," Murphy said. "We also had other resources that were available to us if needed like the highway patrol bomb dogs and the Wichita bomb squad was put on alert."

At least seven NPD vehicles — including unmarked vehicles and the animal control vehicle — were spotted in the parking lot of Walmart, used to close all entrances in addition to transporting investigators to the scene. 

There was, according to Murphy, a significant amount of NPD's staff and resources used to search the building on South Kansas Ave.

"We had all of our investigators, administrative staff, school resources officers and officers working on the street involved," Murphy said. "The Sheriff's Office was called in to assist with any calls that came up in the city."

Employees were allowed back into the building at atbout 10:15 a.m. Police reopened the parking lot a few minutes later.