Another school shooting.

The fault for the mass shooting in Florida lies not with the NRA, but rather with the FBI!

We are constantly told "If you see something, say something." There were many who saw and said, but nothing, NOTHING, was done. Amazingly the FBI has confessed that they goofed. They could have taken action and prevented the shooter from ever stepping foot on the school property. And they did nothing!

So this tells us that we cannot expect the government, or any of its agencies, to protect us from these monsters. We must protect our children ourselves. We can do this in a two step process.

First — any teacher or school administrator who is willing should be given NRA defensive training and be allowed to carry concealed in the schools.

Second — in front of the schools should be placed a large sign that declares "This school is protected by guns" or something to that effect.

Mass shooters are cowards who do not want to be stopped before they have done their evil work. Therefore, they will not engage a school that they know to have protection in the form of guns.

Gun control will NOT stop bad people from getting guns! You can go to a street corner in certain parts of Newton, and for enough cash, purchase a gun.

Bad people with guns can only be stopped by good people with guns.

Do your protesting and screaming outside the FBI building, not the NRA building. Some may not want to believe this, but, in fact, the NRA wants to protect our children, and adults, much, much more than the government does.

Remember, please, if the FBI had done its job those people would NOT be dead!

— Laurie A. Hartke, Newton