In a sense, the recent opening of Good Times Barber Shop (202 W. Fifth St., Newton) was an almost certain eventuality for the Magana brothers — Jesus and Rigo — who previously worked in manufacturing at BMG of Kansas in Hesston. For the California natives who now call Newton home, cutting hair was something they'd always done, so it was only a matter of time before they branched out and explored that route professionally.

"Even before I worked at BMG, I was cutting hair. I've always cut hair since I was in high school," said Jesus Magana, owner of Good Times Barber Shop. "Working there really allowed us both to save money so that we could go get our license and all that. The rest is history."

After the Maganas got their licenses two years ago, they quickly found work in Wichita, but they noted they were always looking for the right opportunity to put their expertise and skill to good use in their new hometown. Location was the one draw back, but when the space across from the Newton Activity Center became available the Maganas saw it as a good fit and jumped on the opportunity.

Opening on Feb. 16, Good Times Barber Shop launched with a variety of services to offer the community — from a range of haircuts (starting at $15) to beard alignment to hot towel razor shaves — and it is something the Maganas hope sets their business apart.

"We're trying to bring to town a real barber shop; not just a place where people come to get haircuts, but an actual barber shop for men," Jesus said. "They care about their hair, so we wanted to bring that to Newton as well, so we offer hot towel razor shaves and quality haircuts. I would probably say there's no one in town offering the haircuts that we do. If you go to our page and you check our haircuts, our haircuts will speak for themselves. There's nobody in town doing haircuts like we do and offering the services that we do."

From an aesthetic standpoint, the business also seeks to please its targeted clientele, as the style of the barber shop evokes a number of traditional male interests — like hunting, fishing, cars, etc., and there is even a pool table open for recreational use while customers wait.

"The way the shop looks is really to accommodate men and to have men feel comfortable when they come in here," Jesus said.

Customers from Newton would come to see the Maganas while they were working in Wichita previously, and the brothers noted the opposite is true now as well.

With an aim on continuing to build that customer base, expansion is a focus for the Magana brothers when it comes to their business.

"Our goal is to have a second barber shop by the next summer; not this summer, but the next summer, and we want to have at least two barbers in each barber shop. We want to have one more by Wal-Mart," Jesus said.

Given the chance to finally pursue their own barber shop shows just how far the Maganas have come. Working at BMG came out of necessity, but this new venture allows the brothers to pursue a passion — and they have big plans to make their name known in Newton.

Hours of operation for Good Times Barber Shop are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. For more details on haircut styles offered, visit the businesses's Facebook page or call 316-302-6764.