Bowling reports are due at the Kansan office by noon Fridays. We reserve the right to abbreviate team names due to space limitations. We regret we can't take bowling reports by telephone.



Eastgate Chicks;68.5;23.5

Some Beaches;65.5;26.5

VFW 971;56;36


Kustom Karriers;49;43

Ball Hugger;47;45

Eastgate Lanes;42.5;49.5

Family Ties;40;52


High Single Game — Tammi Frederick, 210; High Single Series — L’Deena Jones, 523; High Team Game — Some Beaches, 660; High Team Series — Some Beaches, 1,883.


Eastgate Lanes;23;9

Moxie’s Drinking Team;22;10

Busy Bees;19;13

Prestige Worldwide;19;13

Todd’s Pro Shop;18;14

One Left;16.5;15.5

Looney Tunes;16;16

Scotty’s Dogs;14;18

Hillsboro Ford;13;19

Pete’s Posse;11;21


Linn Pinns;9.5;22.5

High Single Game — Men: Kevin Barton, 258; Women: Jennifer Fullhart, 254; High Single Series — Men: Kevin Barton, 678; Women: Becca Burton, 614; High Team Game — Scotty’s Dogs, 1,061. High Team Series — Eastgate Lanes, 2,960.


Strike and Spare G.;26;14

Team Retired;25;15

Ball Busters;23;17

It Doesn’t Matter;22;18


Gear Heads;15.5;24.5

We Need Some;15;25

Give ‘Em 3;12;28

High Single Game — Men: Monte Rans, 247; Women: Lisa Schafer, 166; High Series — Men: Bob Stanhope, 640; Women: Lisa Schafer, 445; High Team Game — Ball Busters, 1,017; High Team Series — Ball Busters, 2,881.


Sassy Four;67;29




Lucky Four;39;57


High Single Game — Men: Gene Kristenson, 222; Women: Sharon Oursler, 213; High Single Series — Men: Gene Kristenson, 581; Women: Carol Lattin, 580; High Team Game — Misfits, 686; High Team Series — Hopefuls, 1,981.


Die Hards;73;35



Curtis C’s;67.5;40.5

Just Luck;65.5;42.5

Teddy Bears;58.5;49.5

3 G’s;53.5;54.5

Shish Kabobs;52;56

Barb’s Kids;43;65

Just Hav’n Fun;42;66


High Single Game — Men: Ron Gilchrist, 279; Women: Barb Jarrell, 193; High Single Series — Men: Ron Gilchrist, 637; Women: Hazel Workman, 501; High Team Game — Curtis C’s, 822; High Team Series — Curtis C’s, 2,186.



We B Gone;12,723

Midway Motors;12,617

Ugly Counts;12,393

Miles Properties;12,371

XXXed Out;12,283

Heavy Pork;12,281

Roofing Services;12,054

High Single Game — Todd Miles, Miles Property, 266; High Single Series — Todd Miles, Miles Property, 717; High Team Game — Arrowhead, 1,000; High Team Series — Arrowhead, 2,888.


Kiss My Avg.;47;25

The Nines;32;40

It’s Whatever;44.5;27.5

Otra Vez;34.5;37.5

I Don’t Care;36;36

Pet World;37;35

Bowl Dawgs;34;38

Just Hav’n Fun;34.5;37.5


Gutter Balls;29.5;42.5

High Single Game — Men: Chunky Monares, 234; Women: Erica Scott, 216; High Series — Men: Dave Morrison, 623; Women: Susie Ratzlaff, 515; High Team Game — Kiss My Average, 599; High Team Series — Kiss My Average, 1,650.


Wedgewood Senior Men

1. Rick Tolin, Fred Franklin, Dick Morrison, Phil Considine, Paul Flores -7.

2. Kent Connor, Roman Mannebach, Jerry Schmidt, Dennis Carter -5.

3. Bill Houghton, Bob Schmidt, Bob Wilson, Paul Normandin, Sam Griffin -4.

Closest to pin 3 — Roman Mannabach. Closest to pin 9 on second shot — Jack Bender.

Next play — 1 p.m. Thursday.

Fox Ridge Tuesday Seniors

1. Mark Bennett, Ken Lieske, Jose Ramos, Al Gann, Narci Larez -5.

2. John Wilson, Wil Besore, Dick Hushka, Walt Long -5.

3. George Eason, Steve Pankin, Doc Wilson, Bob Schmidt -5.

4. Carvin Thiessen, Wayne Ballman, Tom Pryor, Bob Gaese -5.

Closest to the hole — Ken Lieske. Longest putt — Ken Lieske.

Next play — 1 p.m. Tuesday.

Fox Ridge Monday Seniors

1. John Wilson, Ken Lieske, Ron Black, Tom Pryor, Bob Gaede 30.

2. Dave Stallbaumer, Steve Firkins, Jim Zook, Ib Thomsen 32.

3. Rob Bogle, Tom Ware, Sid Nattier, Jerry Friesen 33.

Closest to hole 3 — Ron Black. Longest putt on 9 — Sid Nattier.

Next play — 11 a.m. Monday.

Bethel netter

sweep matches

FULTON, Mo. — The Bethel College men’s and women’s tennis teams each claimed a win over Westminster College Thursday to open a swing of dual meets in the St. Louis area.

Both teams won 8-1.

In both meets, Bethel swept the doubles and won five of six singles matches.

The women improve to 3-1. The men improve to 2-1.


Bethel 8, Westminster 1

SINGLES — Kimberly Buzbee B def. Clara Baldwin W 6-2, 6-1; Jennifer Harrison B def. Sydney Atteberry W 6-4, 6-4; Natalie Tiffany W def. Breanne Rogers B 6-3, 6-3; Serena Wong B def. Alexa McPherson W 8-5; Mallory Meier B def. Laurel Royer W 9-7; Erica Ebenkamp B def. Meaghan McGuire W 8-1.

DOUBLES — Kimberly Buzbee-Jennifer Harrison B def. Clara Baldwin-Alexa McPherson W 8-3; Breanne Rogers-Serena Wong B def. Sydney Atteberry-Ashley Kisitas W 8-3; Erica Ebenkamp-Samantha Koch B def. Laurel Royer-Avery Ingle W 8-4.


Bethel 8, Westminster 1

SINGLES — Dylan Miera B def. Adam Fuchs W 6-7 (7-3), 6-3, 10-5; Pete Hassenmueller W def. Gabe Johnson B 4-6, 6-2, 10-6; Ryan LaCombe B def. Philip Udinyiwe W 6-1, 6-1; Tyler Shima B def. Giovanni Strickland W 6-1, 6-1; Zachary Shima B def. Josh Udinyiwe W 6-0, 6-1; Grant Bellar B def. Nick Lakowski W 8-1.

DOUBLES — Dylan Miera-Ryan LaCombe B def. Adam Fuchs-Pete Hassenmueller W 8-3; Gabe Johnson-Jordan Singh B def. Josh Udinyiwe-Philip Udinyiwe W 8-3; Zachary Shima-Shawn Bontrager B def. Giovanni Strickland-Nick Lakowski W 8-1.