Science teachers must plan each lesson and unit carefully to provide each pupil to achieve more optimally. Objectives of teaching and learning, individually, are poignant and need to indicate what pupils are to achieve. These are cognitive and skills ends of instruction and are useful in school and in society. Sequence is important here in that pupils are to achieve in an orderly fashion, and yet there is room for open ended questions raised by learners. No child should fall through the cracks, but continue to attain relevant objectives. Sometimes, pupils come up with highly important questions and problems which require evidence for answers and take time in their finding answers/solutions. Haste can make for waste in teaching and learning situations; sequence in its quality, can make for more optimal progress in the curriculum if the pace is set so all can achieve.

Which criteria might assist learners to attain, grow, and develop, as interested and budding achievers? There needs to be a friendly, inviting environment for pupils. One or two learning centers with, approximately, five tasks on each card per center. These centers capture pupil’s attention in which they desire to do volunteer work due to innate motivation. Needed science materials are at these centers whereby pupil work may be done after assignments have been completed.

Bulletin board displays are in evidence and are changed/modified to develop and maintain learner attention. Teacher observation may well reveal when learner interests begin to wane when motivational bulletin boards need changing. The bulletin boards relate directly to the ongoing lesson and unit of study and may be utilized in teaching and learning situations.

Quality interaction among classmates needs emphasizing so that all develop feelings of belonging. The late psychologist A. H. Maslow emphasized feelings of belonging as coming up second high in pupil needs and assists learners to attain more optimally in the cognitive domain, as in science achievement. No one likes to be minimized in the social/emotional domains.

— Marlow Ediger, North Newton