1. Received an update on Centennial Park


Bids have been returned for a project to build a restroom/concession/press box facility at Centennial Park. The bid will be awarded to a contractor by the Public Building Commission at a Feb. 28 meeting.

The low bid was for $367,000.

For the project to move forward, the city will loan the Public Building Commission money for about two years. The city will loan the PBC about $260,000 — based on the cost of the building —  to be repaid over the course of two years.

The PBC is funded by property taxes levied by the city, school and Newton Recreation Commission — each entity committed .8 mills for funding the PBC.

According to Loomis, the only other project slated for the PBC between now and 2024 is the replacement of the artificial turf at Fischer Field.

“They will have enough dollars in the fund for that project,” Loomis said.

The agreements to fund the PBC expire in 2024. The PBC will also retire bonds issued in 2003 used for updating Athletic Park, Washington Park and Centennial Park at that time.






2. Approved an agreement for the drug task force.


The commission approved an Interlocal Agreement to formalize the Harvey County Drug Task Force.

The agreement includes each community involved — including Harvey County, North Newton, Burrton, Hesston, Halstead and Sedgwick — budgeting $1,000 to help fund the task force.

The agreement needs to be approved by the other cities. Harvey County approved the agreement Monday.




3. Approved closures

The city approved two closure requests — one for Athletic Park and one for a parking lot on East Broadway.

The Newton Recreation Commission asked to close Athletic Park Circle March 12 for the Community Play Day.

The owners of Gathered Goods on Main Street requested the closure of the parking lot in the 100 Block of West Broadway on June 8 and Sept. 29 for an Artisan Craft Fair.