Harvey County annouced today public services have been restored to full operation following the restoration of its computer network.

A cyberattack discovered  Feb. 4 disabled a limited portion of the network and led to closure of the courthouse Feb. 5.

According to the county, backup systems and network security limited the extent of the cyberattack and the cybercrime did not interrupt operations to any emergency services. However, other departments worked through limited services as the network was restored.

“We purposely took a meticulous approach to reinstating the network, ensuring information was safe and instituting additional protocols to help prevent future cybercrimes,” said Harvey County Administrator Anthony Swartzendruber. “Moving forward, we will continue to review the incident and examine our procedures to identify additional opportunities for network security.”

Harvey County does not believe any personal information of its citizens or employees was compromised.

The County utilized the full extent of its own resources and those established through local partnerships to correct the cyber attack, but additional resources will be required to completely eradicate the threat.