Recently the Wichita Eagle posted a front page article about the abusive nature of using antipsychotic medications on residents with the diagnosis of dementia in Kansas long term care programs (Kansas being one of the worst states in the nation).

All licensed long term care programs are required to have on contract a pharmacy consultant who is mandated to review medications on monthly basis, and should be calculating the overall use of antipsychotics in the program to determine compliance with diagnosis. When families are looking for care homes they need to ask to see the antipsychotic rates, especially for residents with the diagnosis of dementia.

Asbury Park established a policy in 2016 which has protected our residents from inappropriate use of antipsychotic drugs, especially when experiencing symptoms of dementia. Our antipsychotic utilization rate fell below the state and national averages soon after implementation of the new policy and has remained below — according to our pharmacy report.

As families look for long term care placement we encourage them to ask these questions and more. Not all care homes can be harshly judged by the information found in the Wichita Eagle's article.

— Tom Williams, CEO, Asbury Park