The most respected man in town

A "seasoned citizen" that was 90 years old was being honored by a small town as being "the most respected man in town."

A parade and barbecue were being held in celebration and it drew the attention of a young female newspaper reporter.

The reporter sought out the seasoned citizen and requested an interview, which was promptly and graciously granted.

The first question the reporter asked was, "Well sir, to what do you think you owe the Honor of being "The Most Respected Man In Town?"

To which the seasoned citizen replied: "my good judgement."

Now, this is a good line, but it doesn't make much of a story.

So the intrepid reporter asked a second question "Well then, what do you think led to your good judgement?"

To which the seasoned citizen replied: "my vast experiences."

Again, this is a good line, but it isn't helping the reporter to flesh out an article.

So, getting a bit flustered and frustrated she asks "Well then, to what do you owe your vast experiences?"

And the Seasoned Citizen, with a twinkle in his eye and mischievous grin on his face says "my bad judgement."

— Kevin Henderson, Halstead