BRAINERD — The Remington Bronco wrestlers wrapped up the regular season with a fourth-place finish Saturday at the Remington Bronco Invitational.

Four points separated the first four placed. Augusta claimed the team title at 110 points, followed by Clearwater at 109.5, Douglass at 107.5, Remington at 107 and Wellington at 94.

Javier Martinez led the Broncos by winning the 145-pound weight class at 4-0. Martinez downed Haldo Escobar of Chaparral 3-1 in the finals.

Craig Fee finished second at 132 pounds at 2-1, falling to John George of Augusta in the finals in 1:38.

Jeyton Sanders finished second at 152 pounds at 3-1. Sanders fell to Rudy Rodriguez of Southeast of Saline 6-0 in the finals.

Gavino Lopez finished second at 182 pounds at 2-1, falling in the finals to Zachary Dressler of Douglass in 56 seconds.

Jacob Holle finished third at 113 pounds, finishing 3-2 in round robin competition.

Owen Thiel finished in fourth place at 138 pounds, falling to Kadin Heacock of Wellington in 2:46 in the consolation finals.

Grayson Graber was 1-2 at 126 pounds. Preston Ritter finished 1-2 at 220 pounds.

Hagen Taylor finished 0-2 at 160 pounds.

Remington will compete in the Class 3-2-1A regionals Friday and Saturday in Eureka.

Remington Bronco Inv.


Team scores — Augusta 111, Clearwater 109.5, Douglass 107.5, Remington 107, Wellington 94, McPherson 88, Chaparral 86.5, Wichita Trinity Academy 77, Flinthills 46, Southeast of Saline 40.5, West Elk 29, Central of Burden 3.

106 – 1. Tucker Travnichek Flnt., 2. Caleb Schwing WTA, 3. Andy Lin Aug., 4. John Heuer WTA, 5. Landon Vogts McP., 6. Ashton Gillespie Clr. Round robin: Caleb Schwing WTA dec. Andy Lin Aug. 4-2; John Heuer WTA maj.dec. Landon Vogts McP. 14-3; Tucker Travnichek Flnt. pinned Ashton Gillespie Clr. 1:41; Andy Lin Aug. pinned Ashton Gillespie Clr. 1:19; Tucker Travnichek Flnt. dec. John Heuer WTA 4-2; Caleb Schwing WTA pinned Landon Vogts McP. 1:43; Andy Lin Aug. dec. Tucker Travnichek Flnt. 8-4; Caleb Schwing WTA dec. John Heuer WTA 6-2; Landon Vogts McP. dec. Ashton Gillespie Clr. 12-5; Andy Lin Aug. pinned Landon Vogts McP. :52; John Heuer WTA pinned Ashton Gillespie Clr. 3:53; Tucker Travnichek Flnt. pinned Caleb Schwing WTA 1:43; Andy Lin Aug. dec. John Heuer WTA 4-3; Tucker Travnichek Flnt. pinned Landon Vogts McP. 3:37; Caleb Schwing WTA pinned Ashton Gillespie Clr. 1:35.

113 – 1. Ashten Dodson Dgl., 2. Brennan Cantrell Wel., 3. Jacob Holle Rem., 4. Jeadon Bratcher McP., 5. Devin Barker Aug., 6. Blake Scholander Dgl. Round robin: Ashten Dodson Dgl. pinned Blake Scholander Dgl. :11; Jacob Holle Rem. pinned Jeadon Bratcher McP. 1:40; Brennan Cantrell Wel. maj.dec. Devin Barker Aug. 14-2; Ashten Dodson Dgl. tech.fall Brennan Cantrell Wel. 15-0 (2:35); Jeadon Bratcher McP. dec. Devin Barker Aug. 2-0; Jacob Holle Rem. pinned Blake Scholander Dgl. :34; Ashten Dodson Dgl. pinned Devin Barker Aug. :54; Jeadon Bratcher McP. pinned Blake Scholander Dgl. 1:25; Brennan Cantrell Wel. dec. Jacob Holle Rem. 14-10; Ashten Dodson Dgl. pinned Jacob Holle Rem. 2:42; Brennan Cantrell Wel. dec. Jeadon Bratcher McP. 7-0; Devin Barker Aug. pinned Blake Scholander Dgl. 1:56; Ashten Dodson Dgl. pinned Jeadon Bratcher McP. :49; Jacob Holle Rem. pinned Devin Barker Aug. 5:28; Brennan Cantrell Wel. pinned Blake Scholander Dgl. 1:50.

120 – 1. Gauge Small Dgl., 2. Montana Heacock Wel., 3. Collin Jackson Aug., 4. Logan Parker Dgl., 5. Ethan Luckner Clr. Round robin: Gauge Small Dgl. pinned Logan Parker Dgl. :46; Montana Heacock Wel. dec. Collin Jackson Aug. 6-4; Montana Heacock Wel. pinned Ethan Luckner Clr. 3:26; Collin Jackson Aug. pinned Logan Parker Dgl. 4:15; Collin Jackson Aug. pinned Ethan Luckner Clr. 5:30; Gauge Small Dgl. pinned Montana Heacock Wel. 3:59; Gauge Small Dgl. pinned Ethan Luckner Clr. 12-2; Montana Heacock Wel. pinned Logan Parker Dgl. :59.; Logan Parker Dgl. pinned Ethan Luckner Clr. inj.forfeit.; Gauge Small Dgl. pinned Collin Jackson Aug. inj.forfeit.

126 – Championship finals: Ethan James Flnt. pinned Briggs Erwin Aug. 1:43; Consolation finals: Jack Pawloski Clr. maj.dec. Zachary Lough Dgl. 14-2. Grayson Graber Rem. (1-2): QF. L Ethan James Flnt. 3:45; C1. W Charles Pearson Dgl. 5-4; CSF: L Zachary Lough Dgl. 4:28.

132 – Championship finals: John George Aug. pinned Craig Fee Rem. 1:38; Consolation finals: Malachi Macias Wel. pinned Jake McCune Clr. 1:06. Fee Rem. (2-1): QF. W Malachi Macias Wel. 2:21; SF. W Jacob Damron Dgl. 1:55.

138 – Championship finals: Darryl Rylant Clr. tech.fall Brec Voges WTA 17-2 (2:58); Consolation finals: Kadin Heacock Wel. pinned Owen Thiel Rem. 2:46. Thiel Rem. (2-2): 1. bye; QF. W Cole Carothers Clr. 11-6; SF. L Brec Voges WTA 7-5; CSF. W Tristan Prater McP. 3:52.

145 – Championship finals: Javier Martinez Rem. dec. Haldo Escobar Chap. 3-1; Consolation finals: Neil Raymond McP. dec. Derek Heuer WTA 11-9 OT. Martinez Rem. (4-0): 1. W Derek Heuer WTA 6-1; QF. W Andrew Wolf Wel. 3:33; SF. W Tayler Long SES 3:58.

152 – Championship finals: Rudy Rodriguez SES dec. Jeyton Saunders Rem. 6-0; Consolation finals: Mason Harrod WE pinned AJ Lindner Aug. 4:18. Suanders Rem. (3-1): 1. W Trent Osler WTA 1:14; QF. W Nate Rogers McP. 1:23; SF. W Mason Harrod WE 7-2.

160 – Championship finals: Ian Alumbaugh McP. pinned Dominik Ketchum Aug. 1:46; Consolation finals: Chance Clark Clr. dec. Kyiowa Greenfield Dgl. 11-6. Hagen Tyler Rem. (0-2): QF. L Kyiowa Greenfield Dgl. 12-2 mah.dec.; C1. L Chance Clark Clr. 9-6.

170 – 1. Kanden Young Wel., 2. Brant Huckaby Clr., 3. Sterling Harp SES, 4. Braden Lassley WE, 5. Andrew Gerace WTA. Round robin: Kanden Young Wel. pinned Braden Lassley WE 1:31; Sterling Harp SES pinned Andrew Gerace WTA 3:08; Brant Huckaby Clr. pinned Andrew Gerace WTA :36; Kanden Young Wel. pinned Sterling Harp SES 5:19; Brant Huckaby Clr. pinned Sterling Harp SES 4:30; Braden Lassley WE dec. Andrew Gerace WTA 9-7; Brant Huckaby Clr. pinned Braden Lassley WE 3:01; Kanden Young Wel. pinned Andrew Gerace WTA :24; Kanden Young Wel. dec. Brant Huckaby Clr. 10-3; Sterling Harp SES maj.dec. Braden Lassley WE 10-0.

182 – Championship finals: Zachary Dressler Dgl. pinned Gavino Lopez Rem. :56; Consolation finals: Jacob Helms Chap. pinned Toby Schmidt Aug. 4:15. Lopez Rem. (2-1): QF. W Jack Wingate WTA 5-2; SF. W Jacob Helms Chap. 10-7 UTB.

195 – Championship finals: Ryan Vogel Clr. dec. Tucker Trevett WTA 3-1; Consolation finals: Joey Nuzum Dgl. pinned Ryder Peterson McP. 1:22.

220 – Championship finals: Adrian Gerber Chap. def. Jonah Scott McP. inj.forfeit.; Consolation finals: Kenny Fehrman Wel. pinned Caleb Camp Aug. 8-0. Preston Ritter Rem. (1-2): QF. W Lane Thompson McP. 1:58; SF. L Adrian Gerber Chap. :36; CSF. L Caleb Camp Aug. 8-5.

HWT – 1. Jaden Eslinger Chap., 2. Conner Snell Clr., 3. Josiah Moore SES, 4. Brock Demel Clr., 5. Wayne Hitt McP. Round robin: Jaden Eslinger Chap. pinned Josiah Moore SES :48; Wayne Hitt McP. pinned Brock Demel Clr. 4:47; Conner Snell Clr. pinned Wayne Hitt McP. 3:52; Jaden Eslinger Chap. dec. Brock Demel Clr. 8-6 OT; Conner Snell Clr. pinned Brock Demel Clr. 3:54; Josiah Moore SES pinned Wayne Hitt McP. 4:17; Conner Snell Clr. pinned Josiah Moore SES 3:20; Jaden Eslinger Chap. pinned Wayne Hitt McP. 5:36; Jaden Eslinger Chap. def. Conner Snell Clr. inj.default. (5:23); Brock Demel Clr. pinned Josiah Moore SES 4:41.