Jason Callahan is going to be a busy musician. This weekend the Bentley resident will drive up to Ankeny, Iowa, for a show. He's looking forward to coming home — which he anticipates in about a month. 

The graduate of Peabody-Burns High School gradiate will grab his trusty six-string guitar to offer up live entertainment at Jay's Place, 220 N. Main March as the frontman of the Callahan Band. The band is self-described as "a rowdy country band with a hard-drivin' fast beat."

"Newton is one of my favorite places to play," Callahan said. "I've been playing Jay's Place longer than it has been Jay's. .. There have been bars come and go, but people keep coming to see me."

The band made up of Callahan, Kenton Ashcraft on drums, Billy Smart on bass and Kenny Young on lead guitar. 

"We play a mix of original music, that is very traditional based, but rowdy," Callahan said. "It's a fast driving, grittier, bare knuckles back when country was dangerous."

Included in his list of musical influences is Johnny Paycheck, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Senior and David Allen Coe.

"This is going to be a blast," Callahan said.