For the second straight day, the Newton High School girls’ bowling team was able to claim a triangular win.

Thursday at Play-Mor Lanes, the Railer girls celebrated senior night with a season-high team score of 2,046, followed by Maize South at 1,756 and Salina Central at 1,566.

The Railer boys finished third at 2,169. Mazie South won at 2,560 while Salina Central was second at 2,192.

The Railer girls were led by Adrianna Lettau with the team’s season high of 661, one of the Newton girls’ highest series in recent years. Hannah Hendricks of Maize South was second at 556. Katy Clanton of Newton was third at 506.

for the second-high series.

Lettau had the high games of 245, 213 and 203.

“That’s two in a row for the girls,” Newton coach Keith Woolery said. “That’s one of the highest scores they shot this season. That’s the highest series they shot in three or four years. I was very happy with how the girls did, especially Adrianna. I was happy for her. She was on on senior night. That’s the highest series of the season.

Jenna Baldwin had a 433 for Newton, followed by McKayla Garton at 420, Shelby Wolfe at 391 and Brynna Walton at 384.

Callen Barker of Maize South had the high series of 736, followed by teammate Blake Manahan at 676. Newton’s Herve Medina was third at 598. Barker had the top two games of 258 and 255. Manahan was third at 236. Medina had Newton’s high games of 210 and 207.

Joey Gile rolled a 578 for Newton, followed by Brett Ashcraft at 518, Cale Lasiter at 470, Treyton Rice at 449 and Kobe Burns at 405.

“Hervey had a good series,” Woolery said. “He missed a 600 by just a couple pins. Hervey is starting to get back in stride. Joey Gile had a good day. We had too many bowlers with bad breaks on their third game. That kept us out of second place.”

The Newton JV girls took first. Reagan Morris led the Railers at 333. Tiffany Steffl had the Railer high game of 123.

The Newton JV boys also finished first. Cooper Burns had Newton’s high series of 445. Patrick Vasquez had the high game of 159.

Wednesday at Northrock Lanes, the Newton girls won at 1,816, followed by Andover at 1,778 and Wichita Heights at 1,677.

Baldwin had the high series of 506, followed by Clanton at 499 and Olivia Brosch of Andover at 459. Baldwin had the high game of 213, followed by Clanton at 208 and Mackenzie Casey of Heights at 192.

Lettau bowled a 397 for Newton, followed by Wolfe at 393, Walton at 373 and Garton at 350.

In the boys’ competition Wednesday, Wichita Heights won at 2,469, followed by Newton at 2,301 and Andover at 2,228.

Ryan George of Heights had the boys’ high series of 645. Silas Limes of Heights was second at 618. Newton’s Gile was third at 611. George had the high game of 246, followed by Gile at 242 and Limes at 234.

Medina rolled a 593, followed by Ashcraft at 551, Burns at 507, Lasiter at 483 and Rice at 398.

Newton led Heights by 24 pins after two team games, but Heights won the third game by 192 pins for the meet win.

The Newton JV girls took second. Steffl had Newton’s high series of 337 and high game of 131.

For the JV boys, Newton took third. Burns had Newton’s high series of 435. Bryce Nicholson had the high game of 160.

Newton competes at the AV-CTL I Championships at 10 a.m. Tuesday at Seneca Bowl in Wichita.

“We’ve bowled well at Seneca Bowl,” Woolery said. “We’ll see what happens. The girls have been moving up. They could be competitive. The boys, if they show up, they could be successful. They have been hot or cold.”

Thursday’s tri

at Play-Mor Lanes

Varsity girls

Maize So.;573;597;606;—1,756

Sarah Hyatt;112;98;145;—355

Bren Gullic;91;162;128;—381

Hannah Hendricks;158;200;198;—556

Lauren Weippert;151;92;140;—383

Courtney Gaughn;152;117;77;—346

Hayley Dingler;109;85;110;—304

Salina C.;585;469;562;—1,566

Jillian Coykendall;143;139;141;—423

Estefania Grando;100;103;157;—360

Trista Stevenson;154;118;126;—398

KaiLee O’Conner;126;109;138;—373

Katie Buchanan;97;93;78;—278

Makenzie Eberle;112;86;73;—271


Jenna Baldwin;137;153;143;—433

Katy Clanton;153;181;172;—506

Adrianna Lettau;203;213;245;—661

Shelby Wolfe;115;142;128;—391

Brynna Walton;110;138;136;—384

McKayla Garton;162;135;123;—420

Varsity boys

Maize So.;845;909;806;—2,560

Corbin West;162;137;112;—411

Blake Manahan;236;234;206;—676

Sam Bartsch;177;184;165;—526

Callen Barker;255;258;223;—736

Mason Edwards;152;146;198;—496

Matthew Geisler;177;233;179;—589

Salina C.;697;770;725;—2,192

Chase Young;157;205;233;—595

Dante Lesage;152;163;138;—453

Miraj Bhakta;112;161;159;—432

Bradley Gawith;141;150;178;—469

Troy Miller;150;216;135;—501

Preston Miller;216;186;155;—557


Hervey Medina;210;181;207;—598

Joey Gile;199;197;182;—578

Brett Ashcraft;172;162;184;—518

Treyton Rice;163;151;135;—449

Kobe Burns;159;132;114;—405

Cale Lasiter;169;157;144;—470

Junior varsity girls

Newton 1,235, Salina Central 624, Maize South 297

NEWTON — Tiffany Steffl 82-123-106—318, Reagan Morris 102-116-115—333, Benedetta Biondi 114-90-115—319, Haley Grattan 97-86-73—256, Claudia Canete 76-95-69—240.

Junior varsity boys

Newton 1,794, Maize South 1,362, Salina Central 584

NEWTON — Bryce Nicholson 125-129-158—412, Cooper Burns 157-142-146—445, Shawn Lettau 139-151-111—401, Alfie Montano 123-101-126—349, Patrick Vasquez 93-120-159—372, Aaron Brown-Roberts 122-132-137—391.

Wednesday’s tri

at Northrock Lanes

Varsity girls


Olivia Brosch;169;140;150;—459

Haley Pierce;149;119;88;—356

Isabel McNulty;145;132;145;—422

Deann Hinojosa;107;96;123;—326

Alexis Wentz;108;125;177;—410

Gigi Texiera;133;152;161;—446


Jenna Baldwin;148;145;213;—506

Adrianna Lettau;126;145;126;—397

Katy Clanton;168;208;123;—499

Shelby Wolfe;159;126;108;—393

Brynna Walton;125;133;115;—373

McKayla Garton;115;113;122;—350


Shaniah Moore;143;121;154;—418


Mackenzie Casey;119;132;192;—443

Samantha Chapman;145;137;156;—438

Mind Rungkasemsuk;130;109;139;—378

Varsity boys


Dylan Schmidt;184;178;139;—501

Cooper Champlin;158;127;157;—442

Jackson Blizzard;164;199;106;—469

Kolby Schmidt;166;199;196;—561

Justin Stanyer;159;181;190;—530

Nate Edmonds;190;189;213;—592


Hervey Medina;190;201;202;—593

Joey Gile;242;211;158;—611

Treyton Rice;150;123;125;—398

Brent Ashcraft;169;203;179;—551

Koby Burns;192;188;127;—507

Cale Lasiter;159;158;166;—483


Cort Schwerdtfeger;190;188;203;—581

Chris Marcum;158;197;214;—569

Ryan George;211;188;246;—645

Silas Limes;172;212;234;—618

Mack Proetheroe;188;204;169;—561

Hunter Williamson;182;185;183;—550

Junior varsity girls

Andover 1,275, Newton 1,162, Wichita Heights 717

NEWTON — Tiffany Steffl 131-112-94—337, Benedetta Biondi 83-99-91—273, Reagan Morris 91-95-105—261, Claudia Canete 55-61-86—202, Aaron 89-123-121—333.

Junior varsity boys

Wichita Heights 1,902, Andover 1,789, Newton 1,593

NEWTON — Bryce Nicholson 109-160-143—412, Cooper Burns 159-132-144—435, Shawn Lettau 111-126-156—393, Alfie Montano 123-131-99—353, Patrick Vasquez 100-78-86—264, Callan Baldwin 108-108-91—307.