LINDSBORG — The Hesston High School wrestling team finished sixth, while the Halstead wrestlers took eighth Thursday in the Central Kansas League championships in Lindsborg.

Hoisington won the league title with 157 points, followed by Pratt at 151, Larned at 142, Smoky Valley at 97, Nickerson at 65.5, Hesston at 34, Hillsboro ay 27.5, Halstead at 15 and Lyons at zero.

Hesston was led by Jason Hecht at 126 pounds, taking second at 3-1 in round robin action.

Matt Whitsitt finished third at 160 pounds at 3-2, pinning Luis Garcia in 27 seconds in the consolation finals.

Sean Duerksen finished fourth at 220 pounds at 2-3, losing to Josh Kramer of Larned by fall in the consolation finals.

Alex Koehn finished fourth at heavyweight at 2-3.

Riley Slater finished fifth at 120 pounds at 0-4. Dalton Carey finished fifth at 170 pounds at 0-4.

Owen O’Halloran finished sixth at 182 pounds at 0-5.

Lucas Klassen finished seventh at 138 pounds at 0-4. Cody Wohlgemuth finished seventh at 152 pounds at 0-3.

“The CKL is tough,” Hesston coach Doug Broadfoot said. “At times our older wrestlers looked pretty good, but we have trouble consistently winning close matches. We were proud that Jason Hecht and Matt Whitsitt both medaled, but we thought we might get another medal or two. Medalists at the CKL meet stand a good chance of making it to the state tournament. We look forward to traveling to Eureka (Feb. 16 and 17) for the 3-2-1A Regional Tournament.”

Halstead was led by Carter Hiebert, who finished third at 132 pounds at 1-2.

Ivan Gutierrez finished fifth at 138 pounds at 2-2. Cole Herman finished fifth at heavyweight at 1-4.

Cayden Bryant finished sixth at 145 pounds at 0-5. His last two losses were by injury forfeit.

Kaden Hill finished sixth at 160 pounds at 1-3.

Both Halstead and Hesston compete at the Class 3-2-1A regional tournament Feb. 16 and 17 in Eureka.

Central Kansas League


Thursday at Lindsborg

Team scores — Hoisington 157, Pratt 151, Larned 142, Smoky Valley 97, Nickerson 65.5, Hesston 34, Hillsboro 27.5, Halstead 15, Lyons 0.

106 — 1. Devon Weber Pr., 2. Nichole Moore Nic., 3. Quentin Boxberger Hoi., 4. Anthony Quintana Lar. Round robin: Nichole Moore Nic. pinned Anthony Quintana Lar. 5:11; Devon Weber Pr. maj.dec. Quentin Boxberger Hoi. 13-0; Nichole Moore Nic. tech.fall Quentin Boxberger Hoi. 20-3 (6:00); Devon Weber Pr. def. Anthony Quintana Lar. injury default. Devon Weber Pr. dec. Nichole Moore Nic. 7-0; Quentin Boxberger Hoi. def. Anthony Quintana Lar. injury default.

113 — 1. Kaiser Pelland Pr., 2. Devon VanFosson SV, 3. Nicolas Rubio Hoi., 4. Corbin Weers Lar., 5. Charlie Major Hil. Round robin: Kaiser Pelland Pr. pinned Nicolas Rubio Hoi. 3:20; Corbin Weers Lar. pinned Charlie Major Hil. 5:50; Devon VanFosson SV pinned Charlie Major Hil. :58; Kaiser Pelland Pr. pinned Corbin Weers Lar. 1:39; Devon VanFosson SV dec. Corbin Weers Lar. 7-6; Nicolas Rubio Hoi. pinned Charlie Major Hil. :33; Devon VanFosson SV pinned Nicolas Rubio Hoi. 2:45; Kaiser Pelland Pr. pinned Charlie Major Hil. 1:03; Kaiser Pelland Pr. maj.dec. Devon VanFosson SV 13-4; Nicolas Rubio Hoi. pinned Corbin Weers Lar. 1:07.

120 — 1. Micheal Saenz Lar., 2. Cole Steinert Hoi., 3. Dylan Cox Pr., 4. Tim Tingle Ly., 5. Riley Slater Hes. Round robin: Cole Steinert Hoi. pinned Dylan Cox Pr. 5:13; Tim Tingle Ly. dec. Riley Slater Hes. 5-3; Micheal Saenz Lar. pinned Riley Slater Hes. :51; Dylan Cox Pr. pinned Tim Tingle Ly. 4:39; Micheal Saenz Lar. pinned Tim Tingle Ly. 1:37; Cole Steinert Hoi. pinned Riley Slater Hes. :31; Micheal Saenz Lar. dec. Cole Steinert Hoi. 9-4; Dylan Cox Pr. pinned Riley Slater Hes. :35; Micheal Saenz Lar. maj.dec. Dylan Cox Pr. 10-1; Cole Steinert Hoi. pinned Tim Tingle Ly. :52.

126 — 1. Jordan Bachman Hil., 2. Jason Hecht Hes., 3. Samajay Alboyd Lar., 4. Hunter Morris Hoi., 5. Camdon Nickelson Pr. Round robin: Jason Hecht Hes. dec. Samajay Alboyd Lar. 7-6; Hunter Morris Hoi. pinned Camdon Nickelson Pr. 3:05; Jordan Bachman Hil. pinned Camdon Nickelson Pr. :55; Jason Hecht Hes. maj.dec. Hunter Morris Hoi. 11-2; Jordan Bachman Hil. maj.dec. Hunter Morris Hoi. 11-1; Samajay Alboyd Lar. dec. Camdon Nickelson Pr. 13-9; Jordan Bachman Hil. dec. Samajay Alboyd Lar. 6-2; Jason Hecht Hes. pinned Camdon Nickelson Pr. 1:30; Jordan Bachman Hil. dec. Jason Hecht Hes. 6-1; Samajay Alboyd Lar. dec. Hunter Morris Hoi. 6-2.

132 — 1. Braydon Lemuz Lar., 2. Cody James Pr., 3. Carter Hiebert Hal., 4. Anthony Carder Nic. Round robin: Braydon Lemuz Lar. dec. Cody James Pr. 10-6; Carter Hiebert Hal. pinned Anthony Carder Nic. 1:08; Braydon Lemuz Lar. pinned Anthony Carder Nic. 3:37; Cody James Pr. pinned Carter Hiebert Hal. 1:54; Braydon Lemuz Lar. pinned Carter Hiebert Hal. :56; Cody James Pr. pinned Anthony Carder Nic. 2:25.

138 — First round: Tanner Cassity Hoi. bye; Hogan Thompson Pr. dec. Ivan Gutierrez Hal. 7-5; Kristopher Nolde Lar. pinned Denton Jacobson SV 1:47; Andre Patton Hil. tech.fall Lucas Klassen Hes. 16-0 (6:00). Second round: Tanner Cassity Hoi. pinned Ivan Gutierrez Hal. 1:40; Hogan Thompson Pr. bye; Kristopher Nolde Lar. pinned Lucas Klassen Hes. 1:01; Andre Patton Hil. pinned Denton Jacobson SV 6:00. Third round: Tanner Cassity Hoi. pinned Hogan Thompson Pr. :37; Ivan Gutierrez Hal. bye; Kristopher Nolde Lar. pinned Andre Patton Hil. :36; Denton Jacobson SV pinned Lucas Klassen Hes. :50. Semifinals: Tanner Cassity Hoi. pinned Andre Patton Hil. 2:28; Semifinals: Kristopher Nolde Lar. pinned Hogan Thompson Pr. :35; Consolation semifinals: Ivan Gutierrez Hal. pinned Lucas Klassen Hes. :54; Consolation semifinals: Denton Jacobson SV bye; Championship: Tanner Cassity Hoi. dec. Kristopher Nolde Lar. 9-2; Third: Andre Patton Hil. dec. Hogan Thompson Pr. 7-3; Fifth: Ivan Gutierrez Hal. dec. Denton Jacobson SV 7-1; Seventh: Lucas Klassen Hes. bye.

145 — 1. Kadence Riner Pr., 2. Hunter Fitzpatrick Lar., 3. Chase Pywell SV, 4. Dayne Yott Hoi., 5. Dylan Schneider Nic., 6. Cayden Brandt Hal. Round robin: Kadence Riner Pr. dec. Chase Pywell SV 8-1; Hunter Fitzpatrick Lar. pinned Dylan Schneider Nic. 1:23; Dayne Yott Hoi. pinned Cayden Brandt Hal. 5:12; Kadence Riner Pr. pinned Cayden Brandt Hal. :31; Hunter Fitzpatrick Lar. pinned Dayne Yott Hoi. 5:03; Chase Pywell SV dec. Dylan Schneider Nic. 4-0; Kadence Riner Pr. pinned Dayne Yott Hoi. 1:10; Hunter Fitzpatrick Lar. dec. Chase Pywell SV 12-10; Dylan Schneider Nic. pinned Cayden Brandt Hal. 4:09; Kadence Riner Pr. pinned Dylan Schneider Nic. :26; Hunter Fitzpatrick Lar. def. Cayden Brandt Hal. injury default. Chase Pywell SV pinned Dayne Yott Hoi. 4:34; Kadence Riner Pr. pinned Hunter Fitzpatrick Lar. 2:39; Dayne Yott Hoi. dec. Dylan Schneider Nic. 10-4; Chase Pywell SV def. Cayden Brandt Hal. injury default.

152 — First round: Christopher Ball Hoi. pinned Cody Wohlgemuth Hes. :42; Noah Salazar Nic. bye; Ethan Flock Lar. pinned Jimmy Mauch SV 3:45; Derek Roadhouse Pr. pinned Dylan Horton Hil. 1:48; Second round: Christopher Ball Hoi. pinned Noah Salazar Nic. :26; Cody Wohlgemuth Hes. bye; Ethan Flock Lar. pinned Dylan Horton Hil. 2:24; Derek Roadhouse Pr. pinned Jimmy Mauch SV 2:25; Third round: Christopher Ball Hoi. bye; Noah Salazar Nic. pinned Cody Wohlgemuth Hes. 1:48; Ethan Flock Lar. pinned Derek Roadhouse Pr. 2:50; Jimmy Mauch SV pinned Dylan Horton Hil. :31; Semifinals: Christopher Ball Hoi. pinned Derek Roadhouse Pr. :24; Semifinals: Noah Salazar Nic. pinned Ethan Flock Lar. 4:50; Consolation semifinals: Dylan Horton Hil. dec. Cody Wohlgemuth Hes. 8-7 OT; Consolation semifinals: Jimmy Mauch SV bye; Championship: Christopher Ball Hoi. pinned Noah Salazar Nic. :25; Third: Ethan Flock Lar. pinned Derek Roadhouse Pr. 3:44; Fifth: Jimmy Mauch SV over Dylan Horton Hil. 8-4; Seventh: Cody Wohlgemuth Hes. bye.

160 — First round: Joshua Ball Hoi. bye; Luis Garcia Pr. pinned Clayton Edwards Nic. 3:41; Matt Whitsitt Hes. pinned Nathaniel Pfortmiller Lar. :45; Dax Hopp SV pinned Kaden Hill Hal. 1:11; Second round: Joshua Ball Hoi. pinned Clayton Edwards Nic. :54; Luis Garcia Pr. bye; Matt Whitsitt Hes. pinned Kaden Hill Hal. :34; Dax Hopp SV pinned Nathaniel Pfortmiller Lar. :51; Third round: Joshua Ball Hoi. pinned Luis Garcia Pr. 1:33; Clayton Edwards Nic. bye; Dax Hopp SV dec. Matt Whitsitt Hes. 4-0; Kaden Hill Hal. pinned Nathaniel Pfortmiller Lar. 1:13; Semifinals: Joshua Ball Hoi. pinned Matt Whitsitt Hes. 3:00; Semifinals: Dax Hopp SV pinned Luis Garcia Pr. 2:13; Consolation semifinals: Clayton Edwards Nic. pinned Nathaniel Pfortmiller Lar. :33; Consolation semifinals: Kaden Hill Hal. bye; Championship: Joshua Ball Hoi. dec. Dax Hopp SV 5-0; Third: Matt Whitsitt Hes. pinned Luis Garcia Pr. :27; Fifth: Clayton Edwards Nic. pinned Kaden Hill Hal. 1:45; Seventh: Nathaniel Pfortmiller Lar. bye.

170 — 1. Sean Urban Hoi., 2. Caden Blankenship Pr., 3. Dylan Stewert Nic., 4. Dylan Archuleta SV, 5. Dalton Carey Hes. Round robin: Caden Blankenship Pr. dec. Dylan Stewert Nic. 3-2; Dylan Archuleta SV pinned Dalton Carey Hes. 1:10; Sean Urban Hoi. pinned Dalton Carey Hes. :54; Dylan Stewert Nic. dec. Dylan Archuleta SV 7-2; Sean Urban Hoi. pinned Dylan Archuleta SV 2:58; Caden Blankenship Pr. pinned Dalton Carey Hes. :11; Sean Urban Hoi. dec. Caden Blankenship Pr. 4-1; Dylan Stewert Nic. pinned Dalton Carey Hes. :18; Sean Urban Hoi. pinned Dylan Stewert Nic. 1:19; Caden Blankenship Pr. dec. Dylan Archuleta SV 5-1.

182 — 1. Wyatt Pedigo Hoi., 2. Justin Lamatsch Pr., 3. Cort Elliott SV, 4. Jarin Gomez Nic., 5. Hector Garcia Lar., 6. Owen O'Halloran Hes. Round robin: Wyatt Pedigo Hoi. pinned Owen O'Halloran Hes. 1:02; Justin Lamatsch Pr. pinned Jarin Gomez Nic. 3:07; Cort Elliott SV pinned Hector Garcia Lar. 1:03; Wyatt Pedigo Hoi. pinned Hector Garcia Lar. 1:31; Justin Lamatsch Pr. dec. Cort Elliott SV 5-3; Jarin Gomez Nic. dec. Owen O'Halloran Hes. 7-3; Wyatt Pedigo Hoi. dec. Cort Elliott SV 3-0; Justin Lamatsch Pr. pinned Owen O'Halloran Hes. 1:26; Jarin Gomez Nic. dec. Hector Garcia Lar. 9-1; Wyatt Pedigo Hoi. pinned Jarin Gomez Nic. 1:14; Justin Lamatsch Pr. pinned Hector Garcia Lar. :40; Cort Elliott SV pinned Owen O'Halloran Hes. 1:00; Wyatt Pedigo Hoi. dec. Justin Lamatsch Pr. 6-5; Cort Elliott SV maj.dec. Jarin Gomez Nic. 10-0; Hector Garcia Lar. pinned Owen O'Halloran Hes. 3:00.

195 — 1. Keaton Thompson Lar., 2. Hunter Huber Pr., 3. Jon Burks SV, 4. Jason Bradley Hoi., 5. Wendell Scobie Ly. Round robin: Jon Burks SV dec. Keaton Thompson Lar. 3-1 OT; Jason Bradley Hoi. pinned Wendell Scobie Ly. 1:36; Hunter Huber Pr. pinned Wendell Scobie Ly. 1:13; Keaton Thompson Lar. pinned Jason Bradley Hoi. 2:30; Hunter Huber Pr. pinned Jason Bradley Hoi. 1:51; Jon Burks SV pinned Wendell Scobie Ly. :33; Hunter Huber Pr. dec. Jon Burks SV 3-2 UTB; Keaton Thompson Lar. pinned Wendell Scobie Ly. :46; Keaton Thompson Lar. def. Hunter Huber Pr. injury default (4:50); Jon Burks SV pinned Jason Bradley Hoi. 2:54.

220 — First round: Michael Schneider Nic. bye; Josh Kramer Lar. pinned Zach Rubio Hoi. 1:34; Sean Duerksen Hes. pinned Brandon Malm SV 3:05; Sevren Hance Pr. pinned Conner Crawford Ly. :25; Second round: Michael Schneider Nic. pinned Zach Rubio Hoi. 1:13; Josh Kramer Lar. bye; Sean Duerksen Hes. pinned Conner Crawford Ly. 1:00; Sevren Hance Pr. pinned Brandon Malm SV 2:32; Third round: Michael Schneider Nic. pinned Josh Kramer Lar. 2:32; Zach Rubio Hoi. bye; Sevren Hance Pr. pinned Sean Duerksen Hes. 1:08; Brandon Malm SV pinned Conner Crawford Ly. 2:40; Semifinals: Michael Schneider Nic. pinned Sean Duerksen Hes. 1:14; Sevren Hance Pr. pinned Josh Kramer Lar. 1:05; Consolation semifinals: Zach Rubio Hoi. pinned Conner Crawford Ly. 4:46; Brandon Malm SV bye. Championship: Michael Schneider Nic. pinned Sevren Hance Pr. 3:35; Third: Josh Kramer Lar. pinned Sean Duerksen Hes. 3:31; Fifth: Brandon Malm SV pinned Zach Rubio Hoi. 2:56; Seventh: Conner Crawford Ly. bye.

HWT — 1. Ethan Wampler SV, 2. Jeremiah Slattery Lar., 3. Riley Philborn Hoi., 4. Alex Koehn Hes., 5. Cole Herman Hal., 6. Luis Contreras Ly. Round robin: Ethan Wampler SV pinned Luis Contreras Ly. :50; Jeremiah Slattery Lar. dec. Riley Philborn Hoi. 5-4; Alex Koehn Hes. pinned Cole Herman Hal. 1:03; Ethan Wampler SV pinned Cole Herman Hal. :42; Jeremiah Slattery Lar. dec. Alex Koehn Hes. 9-2; Riley Philborn Hoi. pinned Luis Contreras Ly. 2:18; Ethan Wampler SV pinned Alex Koehn Hes. :47; Jeremiah Slattery Lar. pinned Luis Contreras Ly. :31; Riley Philborn Hoi. pinned Cole Herman Hal. :56; Ethan Wampler SV pinned Riley Philborn Hoi. 1:02; Jeremiah Slattery Lar. pinned Cole Herman Hal. :42; Alex Koehn Hes. pinned Luis Contreras Ly. :45; Ethan Wampler SV maj.dec. Jeremiah Slattery Lar. 10-0; Riley Philborn Hoi. dec. Alex Koehn Hes. 10-5; Cole Herman Hal. pinned Luis Contreras Ly. :57.