When a city street crew arrived to work on a Sand Creek Trail project near Centennial Park, they heard a dog barking and saw something that wasn't right. 

A puppy standing atop a brush pile underneath a railroad bridge, surrounded by the ice of Sand Creek and stranded.

"There was ice on Sand Creek. It was not thick enough for (crew members) to walk on. They went and got one of their (personal) kayaks. They paddled out there and picked up the dog," said Kim Keazer, superintendent of the Newton Street and Sanitation Superintendent.

That crew, made up of Frank Paradise, Martin Sanchez, Casey Niemczyk and Matt Pope, went to work rescuing the stranded pup.

The crew called the Newton Police Department animal control officer, who in turn took the dog to Caring Hands Humane Society.

"The guys who did this initially said, 'oh, we don't want any fanfare. It was just the right thing to do,'" said Erin McDaniel, director of communications for the city of Newton.

Crews were working on a project to restore the bank of Sand Creek to deal with drainage issues.

"We had a washout underneath the existing bike path that eroded away the existing drainage because it could not handle the amount of water whenever we did get water," Keazer said. "We are improving the drainage underneath the bike path."

Keazer said the project should be done next week. Weather has forced some delays. The project was launched Jan. 29. Initially, the project was slated for two weeks.

"We are dealing with frozen ground right now, and that is slowing us down a little bit," Keazer said.