The Harvey County Courthouse is closed today, due to an unexpected computer network outage.

“We don't take any joy in being closed today,' said Kyle McCaskey, Public Information Officer/Special Projects Coordinator for the county. “We want to be working and serving the people of Harvey County. We want to be doing our jobs. It is frustrating for us.”

Not all network services were out, though there were enough issues with the network that administration chose to close the courthouse for the day in an attempt to restore services.

“We are using today to decipher what it is. We have some services, we just don't have all of them,” McCaskey said.

First response functions, such as 911, emergency services and public works, were still available in Harvey County. District court and court services are closed with the exception of jury duty.

The Harvey County Commission meeting, still went on — and the network outage and closure was the topic of a brief discussion. Very little was known about the outage.

McCaskey told The Kansan that the county expected to have all offices open and operating Feb. 6.