The local chapter of Fraternal Order of Police recently was able to make a donation to local departments, the result of gifts from the state chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police and Firehouse Subs Inc.

At a meeting of the order this week, three automated external defibrillators were donated to a pair of local law enforcement affiliates. The device, commonly called an AED, is a portable device that checks the heart rhythm and can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm. AEDs are used to treat sudden cardiac arrest, a condition in which the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating.

The Fraternal Order of Police donated three of the devices to a pair of local agencies.

"These three AEDs were donated to our lodge (of the Fraternal Order of Police) by the state lodge," Charles Shell said.  "We have decided as a lodge to donate two to the Newton Police Department and one to the Chaplain Response Team."

The AED's were donated to the state chapter by Firehouse Subs.

"I'm pretty excited about this," said Donnie Beam Jr., a manager with Firehouse Subs out of Wichita. "... In the two years, I have been (with Firehouse) we have given $200,000 locally to emergency services out of my stores. Part of that went to the Newton Fire Department last year for thermal imaging cameras."

Beam was at one time fire chief in Bentley and spent 19 years in emergency services before going to work for the eatery. That service included LifeTeam, EMS and fire services.

Money for donations to first responders comes from a foundation, donated from the sale of pickle buckets, rounding up at the cash register by customers and donation canisters at stores.