Newton High School bowling coach Keith Woolery said the Railers’ most consistent trait this season has been inconsistency.

While the Railers’ scores have varied wildly from meet to meet this season, the Railers have been consistent in results. Both the Newton boys and girls finished second in a three-team meet Tuesday at Play-Mor Lanes.

Campus won the girls’ competition at 2,419, followed by Newton at 1,845 and Andover at 1,597. Campus won the boys’ competition at 2,280, followed by Newton at 2,140 and Andover at 1,859.

“It’s frustrating that we seemed to have bowled one of our worst at our home lanes,” Woolery said. “Friday, we bowled some of our best scores at Derby. We beat Derby on their lanes, which is unusual. The JV boys had a couple pretty good games. For the varsity girls, that’s the first time we haven’t broken 1,900. It was kind of an off day all the way around. It was just a rough day. We had a lot of tough breaks. We missed some things we should have hit. We have a lot of things we need to work on — spares - in the next few practices.”

Campus swept the girls’ honors. Taylor Cessna had the high series of 653, followed by Dakota Lennen at 608 and Rebecca Herd at 568. Cessna had the high game of 235, followed by Lennen at 228 and Cessna at 225.

The Newton girls were led by Jenna Baldwin with a 490 series, followed by Katy Clanton at 461, Adrianna Lettau at 457, Shelby Wolfe at 411, Bryanna Walton at 374 and McKayla Garton at 371. Lettau had Newton’s high game of 199.

High series for the boys went to John Quigg of Campus at 620, followed by Campus’ Michael Hausler at 562 and Newton’s Kobe Burns at 548. Quigg had the high game of 223, followed by Newton’s Joey Gile at 218 and Campus’ William Day at 211.

Gile had a 536 series for Newton, followed by Treyton Rice at 525, Brett Ashcraft at 489, Hervey Medina at 472 and Bryce Nicholson at 453.

The Newton JV boys finished second. Campus won at 1,954, followed by at Newton 1,862 and Andover at 1,728. Shawn Lettau had Newton’s high series of 500 and high game of 221.

The Newton JV girls finished third. Campus won at 2,066, followed by Andover at 1,343 and Newton at 1,179. Tiffany Steffl led Newton at 304 and had the Railers’ high game of 148.

Newton competes Friday and Saturday at the Wichita Northwest Invitational at Northrock Lanes. The tournament is a Baker-game format, a team-game format.

Newton tri

Varsity girls


Olivia Brosch;104;128;155;—387

Gigi Texiera;125;132;114;—371

Alexis Wentz;132;169;92;—393

Haley Price;165;119;124;—408

Isabell McNulty;120;85;94;—299

Brandie Downing;133;128;86;—347


Taylor Cessna;193;235;225;—653

Piper Reams;174;173;217;—564

Rebecca Herd;170;182;217;—569

Jordyn Wattman;185;172;178;—535

Erin Renollet;184;163;166;—513

Dakota Lennen;228;202;178;—608


Jenna Baldwin;163;159;168;—490

Adrianna Lettau;119;139;199;—457

Katy Clanton;174;130;157;—461

Shelby Wolfe;159;128;124;—411

Brynna Walton;125;136;113;—374

McKayla Garton;137;124;110;—371

Varsity boys


Nate Edmonds;111;140;132;—383

Dylan Schmidt;152;155;145;—452

Jackson Blizzard;132;193;156;—481

Cooper Champion;142;135;143;—420

Justin Stanyer;158;157;120;—453

Kolby Schmidt;166;154;120;—440


Michael Hausler;200;193;169;—562

Seth DeBoard;152;190;176;—518

William Day;134;176;211;—521

Nathan Kleinschrodt;175;186;156;—517

John Quigg;194;203;223;—620

Titus Terrill;160;153;146;—459


Hervey Medina;152;134;186;—472

Joey Gile;174;218;144;—536

Treyton Rice;182;151;192;—525

Brett Ashcraft;165;166;158;—489

Kobe Burns;188;158;202;—548

Bryce Nicholson;160;149;144;—453

JV girls

Campus 2,066, Andover 1,343, Newton 1,179

NEWTON — Tiffany Steffl 111-118-84—304, Benedetta Biondi 84-81-108—273, Reagan Morris 78-73-127—278, Cori Lyall 67-82-108—257, Harley Grattan 68-65-62—195, Claudia Canette 89-47-90—226.

JV boys

Campus 1,954, Newton 1,862, Andover 1,728

NEWTON — Cale Lasiter 159-142-172—473, Cooper Burns 132-163-200—495, Shawn Lettau 166-221-112—500, Alfie Montano 138-90-115—343, Patrick Vasquez 114-87-157—358, Aaron Brown-Roberts 119-97-98—314.