While celebrating the company's 10-year anniversary in Newton last week, Park Aerospace Senior Vice President Mark Esquivel couldn't help but keep one eye on the future while celebrating the past — asking what the next 60 years might have in store for the company.

At least in the immediate future, Esquivel announced, that is clear. Park recently announced its sole commitment to working in the aerospace manufacturing industry (with the company currently also manufacturing electronics), which could be a boon to the Newton site. Esquivel stated the Kansas location currently does 99 percent of the business revenue for the company on the aerospace manufacturing side.

"This is the future of Park moving forward," Esquivel said. "We feel the future is bright."

Upon establishing its presence at the Newton City/County Airport a decade ago, Park Aerospace quickly began carving out its niche in the industry and has grown to become a company dealing with two of the biggest manufacturers on the market (Boeing and Airbus) and working on projects like GE jet engines, Bombardier planes, parts for the Hubble Telescope's replacement and more.

Park's history in Newton may be short compared to the company's overall, but with its shifting focus and the current production of the local site Esquivel said he is excited about the potential of what's to come.

"We want to build more history here in the farmland, and who knows where else," Esquivel said.

Success of the company has been predicated on the hard work of employees, which Esquivel championed at the anniversary celebration for helping bring the company to this point.

Along with the shifting focus to aerospace manufacturing, Esquivel projected the Newton site is on pace to double its business over the next few years — fitting in line with the overall mission of Park Aerospace and its new directive.

"We want lasting greatness; that's what the objective is," Esquivel said.

Representatives from Newton and Harvey County noted their appreciation for having Park around as well, and echoed the sentiments of Esquivel hoping to see the company do big things in the community for years to come.

"The aircraft business is very important to Harvey County and we're very glad you're here," said Harvey County commissioner Chip Westfall.

"What an asset you have," said Newton Vice Mayor Kathy Valentine, "and I just am excited for you and the future."