DERBY — The Newton High School boys’ bowling team posted its highest series of the season in a second-place finish Friday at the Derby Bowl.

Andover Central won the three-team meet at 2,500, followed by Newton at 2,464 and Derby at 2,452.

In the girls’ competition, Andover Central won at 2,065, followed by Newton at 1,965 and Derby at 1,951.

Newton’s Joey Gile had the high series with a 692, followed by Andover Central’s Caleb James at 655 and Derby’s Matthew Hedden at 644.

Gile had the top two games of 264 and 257. Treyton Rice of Newton had the third high game of 254.

Rice finished with a 636, followed by Hervey Medina at 571, Kobe Burns at 545, Bryce Nicholson at 488 and Brett Ashcraft at 479.

In the girls’ competition, Jadyn Barr of Central had the high series of 682, followed by Shelbie Lindsey of Derby at 601 and Alesia Lenzi of Derby at 556. Barr had the top two high games of 246, followed by Lindsey at 245.

Jenna Baldwin led Newton at 550, followed by Brynna Walton at 506, Adrianna Lettau at 446, Katy Clanton at 417, Shelby Wolfe at 414 and Tiffany Steffl at 361. Baldwin had Newton’s high game of 224.

The Newton JV girls took third. Andover Central won at 1,520, followed by Derby at 1,328 and Newton at 1,278. Reagan Morris had Newton’s high series of 355. McKayla Garton had the high game of 151.

The Newton JV boys finished third with Derby at 2,144, Andover Central at 1,981 and Newton at 1,399. Cooper Burns led Newton with a 425 series and a 182 game.

Thursday, the Newton girls placed second, while the boys placed third in a four-team meet at Salina’s All-Star Bowl.

In the girls’ competition, Derby won at 2,185, followed by Newton at 1,973 and Salina Cenrtal at 1,429.

Derby won the boys’ competition at 2,540, followed by Salina Sacred Heart—Ell-Saline at 2,502, Newton at 2,216 and Salina Central at 2,170.

Derby swept the girls’ high series, led by Shelbie Lindsey at 620, Priscilla Lord at 618 and Danielle DeBruyn at 523. Lord had the high game of 226, Lindsey had games of 220 and 207.

Newton was led by Baldwin at 514, Lettau at 498, Clanton at 470, Garton at 432, Wolfe at 417 and Walton at 348. Baldwin had Newton’s high game at 198.

Landon Howard of Ell-Saline had the top series of 6909, followed by Connor Hare of Derby at 641 and Garrett Bolden of Derby at 619.

Hare had the high game of 276, followed by Howard at 264 and Newton’s Medina at 257.

Medina had Newton’s high series of 601, followed by Rice at 541, Burns at 505, Cale Lasiter at 485, Brett Ashcraft at 474 and Gile at 413.

The Newton junior varsity girls downed Salina Central 1,170-736. Tiffany Steffl had Newton’s high series of 347 and the high game of 127.

The Newton JV boys took second. Salina Central won at 1,761, followed by Newton at 1,543 and Sacred Heart at 922. Bryce Nicholson had the high series of 467. Cooper Burns had the high game of 183.

Newton hosts Andover and Campus at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday at Play-Mor Lanes.

Thursday’s meet

Varsity girls


DeBruyn, Danielle;169;199;155;—523

Lindsey, Shelbie;207;220;193;—620

Lord, Priscilla;226;204;188;—618

Sanders, Maddie;148;139;116;—403

Sutton, Michaela;115;131;137;—383

Salina Central;466;486;477;—1,429

Coykendall, Jillian;112;109;117;—338

O'Conner, KaiLee;107;109;115;—331

Stevenson, Trista;107;135;89;—331

Eberle, Makenzie;99;88;94;—281

Granado, Estefania;140;133;151;—424


Baldwin, Jenna;149;167;198;—514

Lettau, Adrianna;156;173;169;—498

Clanton, Katy;185;144;141;—470

Wolfe, Shelby;178;124;115;—417

Walton, Brynna;112;105;131;—348

Garton, Mckayla;146;182;104;—432

Varsity boys


Cannady, Logan;184;155;234;—573

Bolden, Garrett;169;220;230;—619

Gardner, Justin;132;151;136;—419

Hare, Connor;164;276;201;—641

Hedden, Matthew;218;202;195;—615

Lewis, Joel;185;226;168;—579

Salina Central;711;751;708;—2,170

Young, Chase;167;166;192;—525

Miller, Troy;174;185;177;—536

Miller, Preston;200;179;158;—537

Gawith, Bradley;160;181;159;—500

Lesage, Dante;139;176;147;—462

Bhakta, Miraj;170;206;180;—556


Ashcraft, Brett;160;156;158;—474

Medina, Hervey;122;257;222;—601

Gile, Joey;145;115;153;—413

Rice, Treyton;176;156;209;—541

Burns, Kobe;141;213;151;—505

Lasiter, Cale;211;133;141;—485


Myers, Malik (ES);182;204;200;—586

Taskinen, Jake (SV);173;189;161;—523

Howard, Landon (ES);198;264;228;—690

Shaw, Quentin;182;200;216;—598

Vandervoort, Bradon;221;146;167;—534

Krajicek, Luke;213;179;187;—579

Junior varsity girls

Newton 1,170, Salina Central 736

Newton scores — Biondi, Benedetta 82-90-96—268; Steffl, Tiffany 127-108-112—347; Morris, Reagan 74-82-100—256; Grattan, Hailey 90-89-87—266; Canete, Claudia 84-69-79—232; Lyall, Cory 83-85-106—274.

Junior varsity boys

Salina Central 1,761, Newton 1,543, Sacred Heart 922

Newton scores — Burns, Cooper 183-125-122—430; Nicholson, Bryce 172-148-147—467; Lettau, Shawn 127-105-100—332; Vasquez, Patrick 90-90-126—306; Baldwin, Callan 56-38-88—182; Brown-Roberts, Aaron 86-98-100—284.

Friday’s meet

Varsity girls


Danielle DeBruyn;168;160;181;—509

Shelbie Lindsey;245;182;174;—601

Maddie Sanders;134;115;140;—389

Michaela Sutton;119;113;150;—382

Alexis Sutton;173;128;141;—442

Andover Central;682;620;763;—2,065

Jadyn Barr;246;190;246;—682

Maura Flahive;85;112;181;—378

Alesia Lenzi;180;189;187;—556

Abbey Griffin;125;128;121;—374

Erica Bush;130;110;141;—381

Alessandra Lenzi;126;113;149;—388


Jenna Baldwin;188;138;224;—550

Adrianna Lettau;130;170;146;—446

Katy Clanton;138;143;136;—417

Shelby Wolfe;128;110;176;—414

Brynna Walton;175;168;163;—506

Tiffany Steffl;136;116;109;—361

Varsity boys


Logan Cannady;151;203;196;—550

Garrett Bolden;161;213;214;—588

Justin Gardner;183;193;147;—523

Connor Hare;226;184;182;—592

Matthew Hedden;246;202;196;—644

Wyatt Baumgartner;198;193;179;—570

Andover Central;844;856;800;—2,500

Caleb James;195;235;225;—655

Kyle Flickinger;248;178;180;—606

Jason Reilly;206;215;203;—624

Evan McCoy;195;182;192;—569

Jacob Cromly;181;215;179;—575

John Meinecke;194;191;176;—561


Hervey Medina;187;205;179;—571

Brett Ashcraft;165;157;157;—479

Joey Gile;257;264;171;—692

Treyton Rice;170;212;254;—636

Bryce Nicholson;159;138;—191;—488

Kobe Burns;184;174;187;—545

Junior varsity girls

Andover Central 1,520, Derby 1,328, Newton 1,278

Newton scores — McKayla Garton 86-114-151—351, Cori Lyall 90-66-86—242, Benedetta Biondi 112-89-91—292, Reagan Morris 112-117-126—355, Hailey Grattan 68-96-79—243, Claudia Canete 82-64-94—240.

Junior varsity boys

Derby 2,144, Andover Central 1,981, Newton 1,399

Newton scores — Cooper Burns 117-126-182—425, Shawn Lettau 104-115-113—332, Aaron Brown-Roberts 59-109-76—244, Alfie Montano 130-120-99—349, Callan Baldwin 73-112-108—293.