The afternoon of Jan. 19 the North Newton Police Department executed a search warrant, finding drugs and related materials in a home at 2415 N. Main.

No one was arrested, and no one was at the residence, at the time of the search. Police are searching for one suspect.

"I can not go into a lot of details," said Randy Jordan, chief of police for North Newton. "What we found was additional drug evidence that helped our case."

Jordan told The Kansan North Newton Police and the Harvey County Drug Task Force initiated an investigation of the home after hearing complaints from the neighborhood.

"We had citizens that noticed extra activity and traffic going and coming from the house," Jordan said. "They helped us identify that there was a problem. We can all work together to keep our community safe."

Friday afternoon members of the North Newton Police Department and about seven members of the drug task force searched the home.

"The task force is extremely important," Jordan said. "We are limited. ... We had seven members help us. It is a credit to all of the agencies in this county."