The Newton High School bowling teams hosted Wichita Trinity Academy and Salina Sacred Heart—Ell-Saline.

The Railer girls topped Wichita Trinity Academy 1,977-1,283. Sacred Heart didn’t field a girls’ team.

Sacred Heart—Ell-Saline won the boys’ competition at 2,480, followed by Newton at 2,118 and Trinity Academy at 1,924.

“The varsity girls are doing a really good job,” Newton coach Keith Woolery said. “So far this season, they are about 150 to 200 pins than they did at this time last year. Jenna Baldwin is off to a really strong start. She almost had a 600 last week. She’s really coming along. The girls have improved quite a bit. The boys had an off day. They just couldn’t put it together today. We had too many open frames and not enough frames. Hervey (Medina) finally put it together on his last game.”

The girls were led by Baldwin with a personal-best series of 612, followed by Adrianna Lettau at 487 and Brynna Walton at 433. Baldwin had the top two games of 247 and 205. Lettau had a 192.

“That was my all-time best,” Baldwin said. “Last week, I had a 591 series and that was my all-time best. This beats that. I was just in the zone. I had a couple bad balls (in her 247 game), but I was able to come back and either get the spare or get the strike the next frame. I always just kind of think that last frame is behind me, and concentrate on the next frame and get a strike.”

Baldwin said she kept active in the off-season, but didn’t compete in any organized leagues or tournaments.

“I do try to get out,” she said. “One of my main goals is to bowl at the state meet. I was really close last year. I was within 30 pins. I’m looking forward to the regional meet and bowl the games that will get me to state.”

In the boys’ competition, Sacred Heart’s Jake Taskinen had the high series of 672, followed by teammate Malik Myers at 671 and Newton’s Medina at 542.

Medina had the high game of 252, followed by Myers at 235 and Quentin Shaw of Sacred Heart at 227.

Newton’s Treyton Rice rolled a 493, followed by Brett Ashcraft at 490, Cale Lasiter at 484, Kobe Burns at 471 and Joey Gile at 467.

The Newton girls are 1-2, while the boys are 1-3. Newton competes today at All-Star lanes with Salina Central, Sacred Heart—Ell-Saline and Derby in a make-up from a weather related postponement from last week. Newton then competes at the Derby Bowl Friday with Derby and Andover Central. Newton is back home Tuesday with Andover and Campus.

JUNIOR VARSITY — The Newton JV boys won its meet, scoring 1,559, followed by Wichita Trinity Academy at 1,367 and Salina Sacred Heart—Ell-Salina at 1,334. Bryce Nicholson led Newton at 514 with a high game of 181. The Newton JV girls had no competition, scoring a 1,376. Tiffany Steffi had the high series of 399 and the high game of 155.

Newton tri



Jenna Baldwin;205;247;160;—612

Adrianna Lettau;192;169;126;—487

Katy Clanton;163;146;113;—422

Shelby Wolfe;143;128;135;—406

Brynna Walton;153;147;133;—433

Kayla Garton;107;134;127;—368

W.Trinity Acad.;455;390;438;—1,283

Lucie Ramser;131;96;133;—360

Lauren Longnecker;108;94;88;—290

Hayleigh Evans;90;87;76;—252

Caroline List;84;99;107;—290

Brittany Crowder;126;101;110;—337



Brett Ashcraft;191;148;151;—490

Hervey Medina;132;158;252;—542

Joey Gile;148;132;187;—467

Treyton Rice;171;188;134;—493

Kobe Burns;147;188;136;—471

Cale Lasiter;149;195;140;—484

W.Trinity Acad.;654;637;633;—1,924

Nolan McDonald;147;151;145;—443

Christian Cerda;115;91;180;—386

Corbin Conrady;178;183;149;—510

Sam Dabney;163;161;159;—483

Ethan Nangle;131;131;89;—351

Zane Todd;166;142;109;—416


Malik Myers;235;211;225;—671

Jake Taskinen;223;228;221;—672

Landon Howard;182;216;136;—534

Quentin Shaw;227;131;140;—498

Bradon Vandervoot;164;133;159;—456

Luke Krajicek;160;176;177;‚—513

JV Girls

Newton 1,376

NEWTON — Benedetta Biondi 103-90-118—311, Tiffany Steffi 118-126-155—399, Reagan Morris 70-115-106—291, Hailey Grattan 110-87-104—301, Cori Lyall 144-81-99—324.

JV Boys

Newton 1,559, Wichita Trinity Academy 1,367, Salina Sacred Heart 1,334

NEWTON — Cooper Burns 165-126-130—421, Bryce Nicholson 159-174-181—514, Shawn Lettau 90-110-147—347, Patrick Vazquez 88-69-85—242, Callan Baldwin 90-82-63—235, Aaron Brown-Roberts 98-94-83—275, Alfie Montano 118-91-104—307.