A new partnership with GE Healthcare has brought in a lot of business for Newton manufacturing company Full Vision Inc. over the past year — and, in turn, employment growth that continues into 2018.

"We have a medical-grade treadmill out here that we supply to the medical industry and we were fortunate enough to land a contract with GE Healthcare, which is the largest (company) in that market," said Full Vision General Manager Doug Scheible. "Our treadmill that we manufacture coincides with a stress system, so GE makes the stress system — and they still make the stress systems — and then they interface with our treadmill."

Reaching that deal has led to a roughly 40 percent increase in production of Full Vision's line of treadmills, according to Scheible. While Scheible said the deal was reached late in the fourth quarter of 2016, the business growth from the agreement started to be realized mid-2017.

Full Vision also began to see increasing employment needs through its contract with GE. Scheible noted the bump in production led to a job growth of about 15 percent — and those employment needs continue to grow in 2018.

"It's still in a process of growing because their product needs to be registered in multiple countries, and so there's a process to that. Not all countries have been registered in yet; that's a process, so our business has gradually grown with them based on registration of the new model into multiple countries," Scheible said. "It's been a progression of growth. 2018 still has more to come for us."

Given Full Vision's history (30-plus years) of producing medical treadmills, it seemed the company was a perfect match to contract with GE, as the latter transitioned out of that manufacturing field and was more than certainly aware of the former's footprint in the market.

"We've been supplying that product in the medical industry to what would be the competition of GE for quite a few years," Scheible said. "They had always manufactured their own treadmill and they decided to get out of that business. The actually reached out to us, and we were able to, obviously, come to a contractual agreement with them."

Full Vision's trademarked brand of treadmills — Trackmaster — began being supplied to GE Healthcare this past year, with a specific model developed for the Newton company's new partner.

Production of various models for other companies continues and Scheible noted that with the addition of the business with GE — with product manuals being translated into 21 different languages — the company pretty much saturated the global market (taking trade barriers into account) in the medical care industry.

"We're literally serving the world with this product through our customers and our distribution," Scheible said.

More information on the Trackmaster treadmills and various other products the company manufactures can be found at www.full-vision.com.