HALSTEAD — The Remington Broncos claimed six medals, including a championship to tie for fifth in the team standings Friday and Saturday at the Halstead Invitational wrestling tournament.

Minneapolis won the 22-team tournament at 200.5, followed by Nickerson at 163.5, Douglass at 127.5, Southeast of Saline at 113, Marion at 106.5, Remington at 106.5, Chase County at 106, Salina St. John’s Military at 79, Circle at 70 and Hillsboro at 69.

Hesston was 18th with 26 points. Halstead was 22nd with 12 points.

Remington’s Javier Martinez finished 3-0 to win the title at 145 pounds. In the finals, Martinez claimed a 10-2 major decision over Cael Budke of Chase County.

Owen Thiel placed second at 138 pounds. In the finals, Thiel fell to Dylan Schneider of Nickerson 8-4.

Jayton Saunders took third at 152 pounds, claiming a 3-2 decision over Chase Owen of Chase County in the consolation finals.

Jacob Holle finished fifth at 113 pounds, pinning Dakota Demo of Circle in the third period of the fifth-place match.

Grayson Graber finished fifth at 126 pounds, scoring a 6-1 decision over Kendall Keeton of Bluestem in the fifth-place match. Preston Ritter took fifth at 220 pounds, pinning Brendan Tripp of Ellsworth in the second period of the fifth-place match.

Craig Fee (132) and Dalton Roach (heavyweight) both finished 0-2 for Remington.

At 160 pounds, Matt Whitsitt placed fifth to lead Hesston. Whitsitt lost in the semifinals to Chris Clark of Circle 8-6. In the consolation semifinals, Whitsitt was edged by Ethan Moorman-Meador of Herington 10-8. In the fifth-place match, Whitsitt won by injury forfeit over Clay Robinson of Cheney.

Alex Koehn finished 2-2 at heavyweight.

Riley Slater (120), Jason Hecht (126) and Michael Friesen (132) all finished 1-2.

Owen O’Halloran (182) and Sean Duerksen (220) both finished 0-2.

Halstead was led by Cole Herman, who finished 2-2 at heavyweight.

Carter Hiebert (132) and Cayden Brandt (145) each went 1-2.

Ivan Gutierrez (138) and Kaden Hill (160) both finished 0-2.

Halstead competes Thursday at Lyons with St. John-Hudson. Remington competes Saturday at the Eureka Invitational. Hesston competes Jan. 23 at Halstead with Cheney and Herington.

Halstead Invitational

Friday and Saturday

Team scores — Minneapolis 200.5, Nickerson 163.5, Douglass 127.5, Southeast of Saline 113, Marion 106.5, Remington 106.5, Chase County 106, St. John’s Military 79, Circle 70, Hillsboro 69, Bluestem 68, Ellsworth 66, Cherryvale 61, Wichita Trinity Academy 47, Herington 38.5, Lyons 38, Cheney 30, Hesston 28, Fredonia 17, Flinthills 16, Central of Burden 14, Halstead 12.

Medal round

106 — Championship: Nichole Moore Nic. tech.fall Adam Reed Minn. 16-0. Third: Alessia Cokeley Dgl. maj.dec. Tucker Travnichek Flnt. 16-7. Fifth: Teagon Nienke Ells. dec. John Heuer WTA 4-1.

113 — Championship: Ashten Dodson Dgl. dec. Austin Roth Minn. 6-2. Third: Peyton Young Ly. pinned Gage Cooper Nic. :59. Fifth: Jacob Holle Rem. pinned Dakota Demo Cir. 4:47.

120 — Championship: Mackenzie Bartel Hil. pinned Trint Rogers CC :44. Third: Brogan Rutz SSJ pinned Kegen Benton Blu. :49. Fifth: Gauge Small Dgl. pinned Cody Hill Min. :26.

126 — Championship: Jordan Bachman Hil. dec. Zeb Turner SES 5-2. Third: Dylon Morill Chry. pinned Keneth Crawford Her. :00. Fifth: Grayson Graber Rem. dec. Kendall Keeton Blu. 6-1.

132 — Championship: Justin Schrader Cir. dec. Ethan Darnell Mar. 3-0. Third: ELi Reling SSJ pinned Karleigh Smith SES 2:59. Fifth: Hazen Benton Blu. def. Cory Owen CC inj.for.

138 — Championship: Dylan Schneider Nic. dec. Owen Thiel Rem. 8-4. Third: Brec Voges WTA dec. Andre Patton Hil. 3-2. Fifth: Caleb Mallory Mar. dec. Levi Barron Chry. 7-5.

145 — Championship: Javier Martinez Rem. maj.dec. Cael Budke CC 10-2. Third: Logan Doshier Chen. dec. Noah Salazar Nic. 8-3. Fifth: Tayler Long SES pinned Jacob Haws CB 2:51.

152 — Championship: Scott Kuder Minn. dec. Rudy Rodriguez SES 4-2. Third: Jeyton Saunders Rem. dec. Chase Owen CC 3-2. Fifth: Gunner Coslett Cir. dec. Kyle Horton Mar. 5-3.

160 — Championship: Layne Wilson Minn. dec. Chris Clark Cir. 4-2. Third: Dylan Stewart Nic. dec. Ethan Moorman-Meador Her. 5-4. Fifth: Matt Whitsitt Hes. def. Clay Robinson Chen. inj.for.

170 — Championship: Zac Schneider Ells. dec. Coy Moran Blu. 6-3. Third: Keagon Williamson Minn. pinned Kaden Pichler Dgl. 1:38. Fifth: Sterling Harp SES dec. Wyatt Gillman Chry. 4-0.

182 — Championship: Tyson Villalpando Minn. pinned Jarin Gomez Nic. 3:50. Third: Zachary Dressler Dgl. pinned Cade Addis Chry. 2:33. Fifth: Trevor Weaver Ly. dec. Justin Geiss CC 10-4.

195 — Championship: Chance Korinek Minn. pinned Joseph Nuzum Dgl. 3:07. Third: Tucker Trevett WTA pinned Ethan Curnutt Ells. 4:40. Fifth: Holden Coffman Her. dec. Gavin Adams SES 3-0.

220 — Championship: 1. Charlie Nordquist Mar. pinned Joseph Stout CC 4:00. Third: Michael Rodriguez SSJ pinned Michael Schneider Nic. :22. Fifth: Preston Ritter Rem. pinned Brendan Tripp Ells. 2:21.

HWT — Championship: Jarrett McLinden Mar. pinned Josiah Moore SES 1:09. Third: Chase Donovan Minn. dec. Bryar Hebb Fred. 6-0. Fifth: Mattieu Cedillo Nic. pinned Bryce Kisner SSJ :59.

Area results

Halstead results

132 — Carter Hiebert (1-2): C2. W Jacob Damrun, Douglass 1:42. CQF. L Eli Reling, Salina St. John’s Military :49.

138 — Ivan Gutierrez (0-2): C2. L Levi Barton, Cherryvale 10-0 maj.dec.

145 — Cayden Brandt (1-2): C2. W Brock Mitchell, Marion 9-1 maj.dec. CQF. L Taylor Long, Southeast of Saline 6-4.

160 — Kaden Hill (0-2): C2. Tyler Romero, Ellsworth 1:37.

HWT — Cole Herman (2-2): C2. W Ryan Chathham, Chase County :32. CQF. L Bryar Hebb, Fredonia :45.

Hesston results

120 — Riley Slater (1-2): C2. W Eric Spencer, Cherryvale 1:52. CQF. L Cody Hill, Minneapolis 3:54.

126 — Jason Hecht (1-2): C2. W Dayton Randall, Minneapolis :00. CQF. L Kendall Keeton, Bluestem 9-6.

132 — Michael Friesen (1-2): C2. W Eryk Andalon, Ellsworth 6-5. CQF. L Karliegh Smith, Southeast of Saline 7-1.

160 — 5. Matt Whitsitt (2-2): SF. L Chris Clark, Circle 8-6. CSF. L Ethan Moorman-Meador, Herington 10-0. Fifth: W Clay Robinson, Cheney inj.for.

182 — Owen O’Halloran (0-2): C2. L Cade Addis, Cherryvale 4:43.

220 — Sean Duerksen (0-2): C2. L Michael Rodriguez, Salina St. John’s Military :23.

HWT — Alex Koehn (1-2): C2. W Dalton Roach, Remington 1:45. CQF. L Mattieu Cedillio, Nickerson 9-2.

Remington results

113 — 5. Jacob Holle (3-2): C2. W Charlie Major, Hillsboro 2:02. CQF. W Tristin Bernard, Wichita Trinity Academy 2:12. CSF. L Peyton Young, Lyons :17. Fifth: W Dakota Demo, Circle 4:47.

126 — 5. Grayson Graber (3-2): SF. L Zeb Turner, Southeast of Saline :22. CSF. L Kenneth Crawford, Herington 5-2. Fifth: W Kendall Keeton, Bluestem 6-1.

132 — Craig Fee (0-2): C2. L Eli Reling, Salina St. John’s Military 1:44.

138 — 2. Owen Thiel (2-1): SF. W. Brec Voges, Wichita Trinity Academy 11-8. F. L Dylan Schneider, Nickerson 8-4.

145 — 1. Javier Martinez (4-0): SF. W Jacob Hawes, Central of Burden 3:35. F. W Cael Budke, Chase County 10-2.

152 — 3. Jeyton Saunders (4-1): SF. L Scott Kuder, Minneapolis 5:21. CSF. W Kyle Hortin, Marion 7-2. CF. W Chase Owen, Chase County 3-2.

182 — Gavino Lopez (2-2): C2. W Luke Lanning, Marion 2:27. CQF. L Cade Addis, Cherryvale 7-2.

220 — 5. Preston Ritter (2-2): SF. L Joseph Stout, Chase County 3:22. CSF. L Michael Rodriguez, Salina St. John’s Military 12-1 maj.dec. Fifth: W Brendan Tripp Ells. 2:21.

HWT — Dalton Roach (0-2): C2. L Alex Koehn, Hesston 1:45.