A proposed drainage project; demolition of a home; purchase of property

Talked about a project for Slate Creek

City staff has been working on a project to restore the banks of Slate Creek between Old Main and Plumb. The banks of the creek bed have eroded over time, and are placing storm sewer pipes in jeopardy.

There are 24 property owners along Brookside Drive and Seventh Street are impacted by the erosion — in addition to the city of Newton.

Construction plans for the project are nearly complete. Costs are estimated between $200,00 and $250,000. Construction time is expected to take less than six months once started.

The next step in the process is public meetings with property owners and permitting for the project.

Received a plan

The commission received a plan for repairs to 527 E. 11. The house at that location has been the site of multiple fires — and after the commission meeting will be demolished.

Dec. 19 Robert Herrington, provided a work plan to the city for the property.

The plan did not contain cost estimates for all repairs needed for the home.

Herrington purchased a building permit two years ago, and has worked on the house ever since. He said he hauled more than 2,000 pounds of debris away from the property this month.

“You have put this board in a dilemma,” said David Nygaard, city commissioner. “We believed you the first time you came here. We believed you the second time you came here. I want to give you one more chance because I don’t want to turn a Newton resident out their home.”

Nygaard made it clear this would be the last time he would vote in favor of Herrington.

Nygaard made a motion to grant Herington until June 1, however the motion died for a lack of a second.

“This is the hardest decision I have ever had to make as a city commissioner,” said Glen Davis.

He made a motion to uphold a demolition order. The motion passed 4-1. Nygaard voted against.

Bought some property

The commission voted unanimously the purchase of a property just east of Prairie View on First Street.

The city approved a purchase price of $265,000 for 40 acres of land for an industrial development.

The property could have rail access under the rail plan of the Kansas Logistics Park which is to the south of the property.

Funds for the purchase will be allocated from sales tax funds and the proceeds of a property sale by the city to Standridge Color Corp. earlier this year.