Thursday night about 50 people went to Grand Central in hopes of making a decision about an election. One of those people, a friend of our editor, was excited to be going to a forum. 

After decades of being a dual citizen, she is now fully a U.S. citizen and participating in her very first local election. She has been granted the privilege and opportunity to vote in national elections already, something she really enjoyed. 

Thursday she was wearing a familiar smile — one of those that can light up a room. The new citizen was pretty excited to learn about Board of Education Candidates to make an informed vote. 

Our editor is, and was, pretty excited for her — and hope that others are as well. We also hope others can learn from her example. THere's no party line voting for her. She evaluates each candidate by learning as much as possible about those on the ballot. 

It's because of her process that our excitement for her faded a bit Thursday — only half of the candidates were available to be at the forum. It is hard to make a decision when you can't hear everyone. It's not the last forum that will be hosted in the run-up to the Nov. 7 election, not by a long shot. 

It's not really the fault of the candidates. Seriously. Each of the three not there had a valid schedule conflict. The three who were there answered questions, and we learned about them. 

But to not have the other three, not only to stand for questions but to interact with the other candidates, makes it difficult to evaluate all of them. 

— Kansan editorial board