Artists from near and far are being invited to submit artwork for Carriage Factory Art Gallery's first juried exhibit.


"The board has wanted to do one of these for a while," said Mary Lee-McDonald, assistant director of Carriage Factory Art Gallery. "People kept bringing me information from other ones and we did some research."


The gallery is accepting submissions through Sept. 1 for the juried exhibit, titled "Kansas Through the Eyes of an Artist."


"You submit work and whoever is jurying the show looks it all over and selects what will be in the show," Lee-McDonald said. "So, even though you submit three pieces, you're not guaranteed that any of them will be in it."


For "Kansas Through the Eyes of an Artist," the juror will be Halstead artist and sculptor Beth Vannatta.


At the exhibit's opening, the pieces will be judged and awarded prizes. "Kansas Through the Eyes of an Artist" will open on Jan. 13, 2018 and close March 2, 2018.


"For the last three years, we've had this Kansas Day presentation and every year we get more and more people, so we were trying to think of something that would set it apart from the other juried shows," Lee-McDonald said.


The early deadline for submissions was decided on in order to accommodate busy holiday schedules. Artists will be notified of their work's acceptance by Oct. 1.


"We wanted to keep it reasonable, but we are a nonprofit and wanted to cover our costs," Lee-McDonald said. "You can submit three pieces and it's only $20."


Two-dimensional art is limited to a size of 36 inches by 36 inches. Three-dimensional work may not exceed 14 inches by 14 inches at its base and should be suitable for display on a pedestal. All pieces submitted must be for sale.


"We opened it up to all medium," Lee-McDonald said. "We wanted to open the door to everyone."


There is no minimum age requirement of the artist submitting pieces.


"I would be chomping at the bit if we got some kids who entered," Lee-McDonald said.


Artwork can be entered by artists who live inside or outside of Kansas.


"Maybe somebody passed through here and caught a great photo," Lee-McDonald said. "You hope, when people come through here, they figure out why we're so in love with it."


All pieces should depict some facet of life in Kansas.


"There are things here that you just don't get other places, like our sunsets — they're spectacular," Lee-McDonald said. "Most of us are extremely proud of our state, but there are a lot of things going on. It'll be interesting to see what's submitted to the show."


To enter artwork for consideration, submit a high-definition digital file of the artwork along with a waiver and entry forms, which can be requested by emailing or found on the gallery's website at


"I'm hoping that, for the gallery and for the board, that it keeps building and becomes a really nice, juried show for people to send stuff to," Lee-McDonald said.


Carriage Factory Art Gallery is located at 128 E. Sixth St. in Newton. For more information, call 316-284-2749.